Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge
Spartan Ultimate Team Challenge

About the Show

From the producers of "American Ninja Warrior" comes "Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge" to NBC.
Inspired by Spartan Race - the creators of the world's most demanding obstacle course races - "Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge" raises the bar on team competitions. Groups of friends, families, co-workers and more must work together as they race across specially designed Spartan courses, engineered to test their determination, endurance and will. Teams of five compete on one the most demanding courses ever devised and have to push through the pain to win $250,000.
The hosts include former NFL linebacker Dhani Jones and former LA Galaxy star Kyle Martino. NBC news anchor MJ Acosta and TV host/ninja contestant Evan Dollard serve as course reporters.
In each episode of this seven-episode series, six teams of five compete in the world's most grueling mile-long obstacle course. Each team consists of two men, two women and a team captain. No team gets through the demanding obstacles or crosses the finish line without working together. From muddy crawls under barbed wire to rope-burning climbs, the competition culminates with one of the most arduous obstacles ever built: the dreaded slip wall. As teams progress in the competition and the obstacles get more punishing, teamwork is the only way to come out on top.   
"Spartan: Ultimate Team Challenge" is executive produced by A. Smith & Co. Productions' founders Arthur Smith and Kent Weed ("Hell's Kitchen," "Unsung," "Ellen's Design Challenge"), along with Anthony Storm.

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Dhani Jones and Kyle Martino  

Course Reporters
Evan Dollard and MJ Acosta

Executive Producers
Arthur Smith, Kent Weed, Anthony Storm, Joe De Sena, Jeffrey Connor, Kenneth C. Koleyni

Co-Executive Producers
Kristen Stabile, Bryan O'Donnell, David Markus

Kent Weed

Supervising Producers
Susannah Farrow, Royce Toni, David Brackenhoff

Challenge Producer
Eric Rudnick

Story Producers
Greg Cruser, Nathan Oliver, Kate Griendling

Segment Producer
Garrett Marks

Associate Producers
Lindsay Wolfe, Tyler Benton, Nick Ferro

Line Producer
Sean Fitzgibbons

Casting Director
Angelou Deign

Production Manager
Caitlin Parkin

Production Designer
Ryan Faught

Art Director
Gary Kroytor

Lighting Designer/DP
Adam Biggs

Series Produced By
A. Smith & Co. Productions