Reunited and seemingly safe, the contestants begin to put the pieces together - and encounter yet another mind-blowing surprise.

Johnny, Sam, Daniel and Joyce try to summon help from the research station, while Sabina and Miljan discover they're not alone.

Pushed to the brink, the rescue party finally finds a glimmer of hope, while at camp a disturbing new reality sets in.

With Irene dying, Sam, Johnny, Joyce and Daniel set out to find help, but are stopped nearly dead in their tracks.

Abandoned by the producers and with Irene's injury growing worse, a team sets off to find help.

Carolina is shunned; Sabina makes a shocking discovery, and Esther looks to capitalize on another tragedy.

The contestants face a mysterious cosmic incident - and a shocking betrayal from one of their own.

The contestants cope with the crew tragedy - and some start jockeying for dominance.

Sixteen reality-show contestants arrive in a Siberian forest and quickly discover the adventure is not what they signed up for.