Episodes (12)

Into the Oven

S1 E1109/16/13
Reunited and seemingly safe, the contestants begin to put the pieces together - and encounter yet another mind-blowing surprise.

Strange Bedfellows

S1 E1009/09/13
The contestants find new hope for a rescue - and discover a new threat lurking in the wild.

One by One

S1 E909/02/13
Hopes of a rescue dim at the settlement even as Johnny, Sam, Daniel and Joyce try to summon help from the research station.

A Gathering Fog

S1 E808/26/13
Pushed to the brink, the rescue party finally finds a glimmer of hope, while at camp a disturbing new reality sets in.

First Snow

S1 E708/19/13
With Irene dying, Sam, Johnny, Joyce and Daniel set out to find help, but are stopped nearly dead in their tracks.

Out of the Frying Pan

S1 E608/12/13
Abandoned by the producers and with Irene's injury growing worse, a team sets off to find help.
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