Sean Saves The World - Episode 112 Recap

When a nasty blast from his married past shows up at Pemberton Road, Sean wants revenge.

Sean becomes Ellie's school's fundraising committee's new gay BFF.

When Liz "cheats" on Sean with another gay man, he seeks a new best friend of his own. Sarah Baker guest stars.

Sean plays detective when company secrets are leaked to their biggest competitor; Craig Ferguson guest stars.

To protect Liz's feelings, Sean lets her set him up on the worst date ever.

Max's madness intensifies when his father, Lee, visits, so Sean devises a plan to set Lee up on a date with Lorna in hopes that Lee will be nicer to his son!

Sean decides to go on a blind date that his mother set him up on... what could possibly go wrong? Robert Gant guest stars.

Sean's out of his league when his mom and his best friend, Liz, fight over who gets to take Ellie bra shopping.

Already struggling with a crazy boss and an overbearing mom, Sean's about become a full-time single dad.