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Sean the Fabulous

Lorna swings by Sean's for some much needed fashion advice just as Sean vacuums a stale pretzel out of his mouth. Cousin Irene has an anniversary party coming up and Lorna's determined to look better than her. Gay sons are supposed to help their moms with fashion, right? Sean complains he makes style decisions all day at work - that's the last thing he wants to do in his spare time. However, he does want to be the designer for Ellie's art program fundraiser to show his daughter he can be an involved parent.

All he has to do is wow the fundraising committee head, Susan, which will be as easy as pie. Tiffany's dad, Jason, is his only competition, but his sparkling gay tendencies are winning Susan over. Determined to land the gig, Sean proves he can dazzle and sparkle too, embracing a side of him we've never seen: his fabulous side.

Much to Sean's excitement, he's chosen as the new fundraiser designer! Hunter isn't impressed, though, because he and Liz have an important announcement: they're roommates until the burglar in Liz's neighborhood is caught. Meanwhile, Max mopes around the office, lamenting his lost love, Fiona, who left him at the altar exactly five years ago. She's now married and for some reason, her husband didn't appreciate the poem Max wrote about Fiona's body. In an attempt to shoo Max out of his office, Sean tells him to find another woman to latch onto.

Ellie is weirded out by Sean's very flamboyant attire. In order to become the designer, he had to fly closer to the rainbow to fool Susan. Susan arrives at the apartment for the design plans, but she's brought along two obnoxious moms who are ready to party. Being involved in the fundraiser is just an excuse for them to drink tequila and party it up with their new gay BFF: Sean. Just as Sean's about to lose it, Lorna waltzes in with dresses to show him. Lorna seizes the opportunity to prey on Sean's vulnerable position - she can finally have the stereotypical gay son she always wanted.

A crisis erupts at work: Hunter and Liz separately confess to Sean that they want to bang each other. They'd never thought about it before until they became roommates. As Sean performs crisis intervention, his new clingy BFF, Susan, announces that Sean's company will be furnishing a new apartment complex her company acquired. They can be together all the time now. How perfect. Sean corrals his "glam squad" and tells them how he got the fundraising gig. Unable to see Sean's more fabulous behavior, Max insists he wants to work with the beautiful Susan. As they shuffle out of Sean's office, Liz informs Hunter she's moving out. Since there's nothing to look at in his apartment, she started to imagine things...

Sean drags himself downstairs after a long night dancing with the "three hoes." He and apartment-crasher Liz collapse on the couch for some much needed foot rubs. Just as he complains he's tired of keeping up the gay act, Susan whirls in mad as a hornet. Obviously, the blonde hottie - Liz - spent the night, so Sean must not be gay! Tired of keeping up the pretense, Sean reveals he is gay, but only a medium type of gay. Gay people come in all shapes and sizes. When Lorna arrives for more fashion advice, Sean chides her, too - she needs to accept him just as he is. Lorna sighs she only wanted to be close like her friend Joanne is with her gay son. Disgusted with the truth, Susan fires Sean since she expects honesty and integrity from "her bitches." One good thing came from Sean's fabulous behavior: now he knows everything about Susan and can help Max woo her.

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SEAN SAVES THE WORLD -- "Sean the Fabulous" Episode 110 -- Pictured: -- (Photo by: Chris Haston/NBC)
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Sean Saves the World


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Thursday, January 2, 2014 - 21:00
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Sean Saves the World



Short Synopsis

Sean becomes Ellie's school's fundraising committee's new gay BFF.