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Seth Rogen with Ed Sheeran

Seth Rogen with Ed Sheeran

Seth Rogen, Emmy and Golden Globe nominated star of the upcoming Neighbors, hosts for the third time, and Ed Sheeran performed “Sing” and “Don’t” for the 8H audience. Sketches included GOP at Coachella, Shallon: Drug Safety, CNN Pregnancy Test, Steakhouse, Monster Pals, Blue River Dog Food, Engagement Party, Undercover Sharpton, 420 and Herman & Sons.


GOP at Coachella Cold Open

Paul Ryan and Jeb Bush speak at the music festival to try and win over some young conservatives. Bobby Jindal and DJ Rand Paul join to help put Obama on blast, right pimps?


Seth Rogen Journal Monologue

Third-time host Seth Rogen, having not remembered his first time, reads from his journal cataloging the week. Although he refused to resort to cheap cameos, James Franco, Zooey Deschenel and Taylor Swift got the best of him.


Shallon: Drug Safety

When a DARE officer comes to speak to a classroom to teach them how to "just say no," the kids can’t help but see the silver lining in “just saying now to crack!" After all, crack is the new ice cream.


CNN Pregnancy Test

When you need more information than a simple pregnancy test that just says "yes" or "no", the CNN Pregnancy Test is for you.



Allan has to do a whole lot for his wife, who has broken both of her arms.


Monster Pals

After two monsters are fed up with getting picked on, one of them gets plastic surgery, which sends the other on a long journey to find him.


Blue River Dog Food

A woman gets VERY angry that there’s only trace amounts of chicken in the big name brad dog food that she’s been feeding to their pet.

Weekend Update

Cecily and Colin tackle such topics as  Kim Jong-Un’s re-election, a nine month old baby being charged with murder and a Florida woman trashing a McDonalds. Guests are David Ortiz (Kenan Thompson) and Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy (Vanessa Bayer).


Engagement Party

Brian’s cousin, who works at Spencer’s Gifts, ends up revealing too much information to his fiancé and her family at their engagement party.


Undercover Sharpton

Nobody busted up drug deals like Al Sharpton did back on his 1980s undercover show.


Ed Sheeran: Don’t

Musical guest Ed Sheeran performs “Don’t” from his upcoming X album.



A how-to video on properly celebrating April 20th, the stoner holiday of the year.


Herman & Sons

George Herman and Eugene Sons are closing the world’s oldest sperm bank, and all the sperm must go!

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Seth Rogen hosts Saturday Night Live with musical guest Ed Sheeran on April 12, 2014!
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