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Charlize Theron with The Black Keys

Charlize Theron with The Black Keys

Fourteen years after her first time hosting, A Million Ways to Die in the West star Charlize Theron returns to Saturday Night Live, joined by musical guest The Black Keys. Sketches include Mother's Day Game Show, Mornin' Miami, Michelle/Hillary Mother's Day Address, Bikini Beach Party and Tourists.


Michelle/Hillary Mother's Day Address Cold Open

First Lady Michelle Obama (Sasheer Zamata) and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Vanessa Bayer) join forces to wish Americans a happy Mother's Day – but not before bickering about their differing First Lady styles.


Charlize Theron Monologue

She's an Oscar winner, a humanitarian and a model but one thing Charlize Theron can't do? Sing. The actress enlists Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon, Taran Killam, Beck Bennett, Sasheer Zamata and Kenan Thompson as her backup singers for a musical number.


Mother's Day Game Show

Joanne Pendak's (Kate McKinnon) game show tests how well her kids (Brooks Wheelan, Kyle Mooney, Charlize Theron) know her friends and interests. Linda the neighbor (Aidy Bryant) serves as judge and Dad (Bobby Moynihan) makes a special appearance.


Girlfriends Talk Show with Charlize Theron

The conversation quickly turns racy when Kyra (Cecily Strong) and Morgan (Aidy Bryant) interview their recently fired teacher, Miss Christine, (Charlize Theron) about acting and men.


Dragon Babies

HBO First Look goes behind the scenes on a new animated film about a young dragon trying to conquer his fear of heights, and introduces the retired Chicago police officer (Mike O'Brien) that voices the protagonist.


Heshy: Dating Seminar

Heshy (Nasim Pedrad) and Gail's (Charlize Theron) tips for meeting men won't lead to much success, but their usage of sound effects is worth learning from.


The Black Keys: Fever

The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney perform new song "Fever," off of their upcoming album, Turn Blue, out May 13.


Weekend Update 5-10-14

Cecily Strong and Colin Jost weigh in on Monica Lewinsky's Vanity Fair article, Vladimir Putin in Crimea, a lockdown at The White House, Hot Tub Cinema and a new champagne and Viagra-flavored ice cream. Barbara Walters and Drunk Uncle stop by.


Weekend Update: Barbara Walters

Ahead of Barbara Walters' retirement on May 16, Weekend Update pays tribute to the television journalist by compiling clips of her being impersonated on the show – until the real Walters stops by to defend herself and reveals the secrets to her success.


Weekend Update: Drunk Uncle on Graduation

Drunk Uncle (Bobby Moynihan) reminisces about his own time at school and how life has changed drastically for today's students. Diplomas on Seamless and taking selfies are just two of the things he takes umbrage at.


Bikini Beach Party

A romantic rendezvous at a 1960's beach party goes terribly awry when a dead whale explodes and covers a pair of possible lovebirds (Taran Killam, Charlize Theron) with its innards.


The Black Keys: Bullet in the Brain

From their upcoming album, Turn Blue, The Black Keys' Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney perform "Bullet in the Brain."


Pet Rescue Commercial

There's a perfect pet parent out there for every one of the adoptable cats at Whiskers R We, even if they have been known to steal things, watch their owners change and commit atrocities.



New Yorkers are not particularly known for indulging tourists, but a new documentary paints a vivid picture of why … they should continue to be that way.


Cocktail Hour (WEB EXCLUSIVE)

When unhappily married Donald (Taran Killam) and Beverly Dennis (Charlize Theron) invite you to their home for a drink, insults will fly and lots (and lots) of alcohol will be poured.


Viper (Dress Version)

Viper is tall, strong, intimidating, dating a beautiful woman and calling the shots in L.A. Actually, he's just a sick kid surrounded by people lying to him.


Mornin' Miami with Charlize Theron (Dress version)

Morning show anchors Reese (Charlize Theron), B.F. (Bobby Moynihan) and Anita (Kate McKinnon) put on their best happy faces to intro a new week's lineup of guests, including Pharrell's hat and Ice T.

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