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Anna Kendrick with Pharrell Williams

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Anna Kendrick with Pharrell Williams

Anna Kendrick, Academy Award nominated actress, hosts for the first time, and Pharrell Williams performed “Happy” and “Marilyn Monroe.” Sketches included GM Hearings, Fox & Friends, Music Video, Little Mermaid, Flirty, French Dance, Principal Frye Field Trip, Big Joe, Twins and Best of the Whites.

GM Hearings
At the Cobalt ignition problem hearings, the new GM is looking into that, starting... now.

Anna Kendrick Monologue
Anna Kendrick, having started young on Broadway, is really excited to be back on a New York stage. She teams up with the SNL cast for an epic Beauty and the Beast performance.

Fox & Friends
The team at Fox & Friends tackle Obamacare, belts, and climate change. Neil de Grasse Tyson (Kenan Thompson) guests, and he is smart.

Dongs All Over the World
The International Nasty Girls sing their hit song, “Dongs All Over the World.”

Little Mermaid
In the modern state of music, it’s difficult for Ariel to win over Ursula with her vocals. It sort of just sounds like a baby having sex. Includes Ke$ha, Britney Spears, Selena Gomez and Iggy Azaela songs.

An innocent flirtation seems to be going well, but neither parties are able to close the deal. Even though they have no trouble being cute about poopy pants and sex with strangers, they can’t ever seem to get to the whole asking out part.

Pharrell Williams: Happy
Musical guest Pharrell Williams performs "Happy" off of his G I R L album.

Weekend Update
Cecily and Colin tackle such topics as why zebras have stripes, the Holy Grail, and a family of hawks who have taken over a Florida library. Guests are German Chancellor Angela Merkel (Kate McKinnon) and George R.R. Martin (Bobby Moynihan).

French Dance
On France 3, Las Jeunes de Paris is all about amazing dance parties. Not even a visit from Captain Jean-Luc Picard could slow down this dance party.

Principal Frye Field Trip
Booker T. Washington High sold candy bars to make a zoo field trip possible. Principal Frye is forced to interrupt all the troublemakers regarding a real life game of hungry hippos, a monkey with a smart phone and someone trying to create a Ninja Turtle type situation.

Pharrell Williams: Marilyn Monroe
Musical guest Pharrell Williams performs "Marilyn Monroe" off of his G I R L album.

Big Joe
When some heavy rocks fall on Daniel, Big Joe can’t seem to muster up the strength to lift them off.

Two twins audition together for one spot on Pharrell Williams’ tour, but insist that they’re a package deal. There’s also some disagreement as to who started wearing the Pharrell hat first.


Best of the Whites
NCAA Tourney presents Best of the White Guys. It’s jam packed with moments like minds’ blown by a dunk, helping teammates, accidentally banking in three pointers and of course, giving the dance circle a try. Order now for bonus addition of When it Was Fair.


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Anna Kendrick hosts Saturday Night Live with musical guest Pharrell Williams on April 5, 2014!

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Anna Kendrick with Pharrell Williams
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