Series finale! While gunning for war, Miles and Monroe try to keep the peace; Neville sets his sights on President Davis; Rachel tries to save Priscilla.

Monroe and Neville reunite over revenge; Charlie and Miles plot to steal the Patriots' gas; Rachel faces down the nano.

When Truman attacks Willoughby with mustard gas, Miles and Monroe mount a ruthless plot to beat the Patriots at their own game.

While a tangle with the Texas Rangers leaves Miles in desperate straits, Charlie has a day of reckoning with Neville.

Jason switches teams as Miles and Monroe track the murderous cadets to Austin.

While Miles is off recruiting with Porter, Monroe pays the Patriots a surprise visit - with devastating results.

While the Nevilles scheme to capture Monroe, Rachel and Miles uncover the Patriots' nefarious new plan to re-educate Willoughby's youth.

When Aaron wakes up before the Blackout, all is not what it seems.

Doyle hits Willoughby, Peter threatens Aaron and Priscilla, and Monroe and Connor are forced to fight to the death.

Revolution - Sebastian Monroe delivers a punch in "Happy Endings"

The nano leads Aaron to an old friend. Bret Michaels guest stars.

Revolution - Rachel Matheson consoles Dr. Gene Porter in "Captain Trips"

The Mathesons and Monroes team up to save Willoughby from a deadly typhus outbreak.

Revolution - still from "Mis Dos Padres," Episode 211, of Sebastian Monroe following his son Conner

Monroe fights for his son; Jason turns spy; big surprises await Aaron in Spring City.

Revolution- Miles, Monroe and Rachel on horseback from the episode "Three Amigos"

Neville and Julia mount a new plot while Aaron quests after the nanites. Kim Raver guest stars.

Neville finds an unexpected collaborator, and a new vision changes Aaron's life forever. Kim Raver guest stars.

Neville plays hardball, as the Mathesons band together to save Aaron from the clutches of Dr. Horn.

Neville fights for Jason's soul; strange happenings draw a nefarious new Patriot to Willoughby. Zeljko Ivanek guest stars.

Neville saves a Patriot, old friends are reunited and the Texas Rangers visit Willoughby.

Neville saves a Patriot, old friends are reunited and the Texas Rangers visit Willoughby.

Neville infiltrates the Patriots as they infiltrate Willoughby; Rachel fights for her life; Aaron's crazy visions return.

While tribesmen threaten Willoughby, Rachel and her dad stage a daring rescue attempt.

Neville hatches a plan, Aaron revives, Charlie stalks Monroe and Miles finds himself in the clutches of a madman.

Three months after The Tower, the Mathesons settle in the town of Willoughby, Texas, where all is not what it seems.