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There Will Be Blood

Aaron gasps back to life, much to the shock of Rachel, Cynthia and Dr. Porter. It's impossible! Hours later, Aaron is completely healed physically but a nervous wreck emotionally. Rachel tells Aaron his heart stopped for over two hours. Both know the nanotechs played a role, but Aaron begins to sob. What the hell is happening to him? At the courthouse, Aaron sees Ben Matheson bleeding out on the floor - a hallucination. Cynthia finds Aaron panicking and alone. When she talks him back to reality, he's more confused than ever. Cynthia's convinced God is behind all this, but Aaron assures her that he was healed by the same thing that caused the blackout... then explains what happened the night of the surge.

Somewhere in the Plains Nation, bounty hunters Sergei and Adam hold Monroe captive. Charlie tries to take Monroe herself but is caught and tied up alongside him. Adam warns Charlie not to try anything stupid or he'll have to kill her; he and Sergei work for the U.S. Government and they want Monroe alive. Later, Sergei and Adam let Charlie go before moving Monroe into a wagon for transport. On the road, Monroe manages to escape, killing Sergei in the process. He almost kills Adam, but Charlie rushes in. Monroe hops into the wagon and speeds off into the night as Charlie helplessly watches him slip through her grasp again.

At the Andover Camp, Miles and Sheriff Gray are locked in cattle pens, watching as other prisoners are periodically taken through a mysterious red door. Sara, another Willoughby captive, tells Miles no one ever comes back after passing beyond the door. Suddenly, a tribesman comes in and shoots Sheriff Gray dead. Realizing how dire his situation is, Miles attempts to escape, but is caught by the tribesmen while trying to rescue Sara. Titus punishes Miles by crushing his sword hand with a hammer.

That night in Willoughby, the guards at the gate stop a horseman, only to realize it's Sheriff Gray strapped to the horse, dead. The tribesmen are sending a message. Gathered inside the courthouse, the whole town is basically on lockdown; they don't want to take any chances. Rachel begs her father to pull some strings so she can assemble a small crew to find Miles, but he adamantly refuses. He's thankful Miles brought her back, but he won't lose her again. And besides, chances are that Miles is beyond saving.

At the refugee camp in Savannah, Georgia, Neville has been kissing up to the Patriots who have overtaken the camp. Convinced these Patriots dropped the nukes, Neville is dead set on assassinating Justine Allenford. He coordinates a hit with Jason's friend, Greg, but just as Greg is about to shoot Justine, Neville shoots him between the eyes. Playing the long game, Neville disguises himself as the hero who just saved Justine's life.

A tribesman guard pens a letter and seals it with a wax insignia - the Eye of Providence commonly seen on the back of an American dollar. Later on, Justine Allenford opens a letter written in Arabic and emblazoned with the same insignia, which leaves us wondering how the Patriots are connected to Titus' war clan. Allenford sits down with Neville and questions why he saved her. Continuing his act, he insists he is extremely proud of his country and wants to be an American again. Justine vows to keep her eye on him moving forward - but is this a promise or a threat?

Since no one will help Rachel rescue Miles, not even her old pal, Ken the butcher, she prepares to take off on her own. At the last minute, her dad and a couple of his friends join her. On their way, they're stunned to find themselves swarmed by fireflies in an endless field of dead rats. Meanwhile, Miles is taken beyond the red door, where Titus lovingly attends a pale, sickly woman who's receiving a blood transfusion from someone lying on a table nearby. What the heck is going on here?!

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013 - 20:00
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Short Synopsis

Neville hatches a plan, Aaron revives, Charlie stalks Monroe and Miles finds himself in the clutches of a madman.