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Love Story

Titus Andover's wife, Jessica, is diabetic and in constant need of clean blood. Titus plans to use Miles as a guinea pig and extract his blood to save Jessica. But Rachel and her father manage to sneak in and break out Miles while Andover's men aren't looking. Miles convinces them to take Jessica as a hostage, since she could be a good bargaining chip down the line. When Titus finds out his wife is gone, he goes into a rage.

Neville and Jason have been accepted into the Patriot army, the perfect cover to hide Neville's plan to take revenge for his wife's death. But the Patriots know his true identity, and Deputy Director Vince Cooke prepares to shoot him for his war crimes. Before Cooke can pull the trigger, Secretary Allenford intercedes; a man with Neville's talents can definitely be put to use. As for his son, well, the Patriots have plans for him too... Not wanting to seem conspicuous, Neville betrays Jason, telling Allenford he's okay with "whatever's best for the country."

Charlie and Adam search the countryside for Monroe, but when he ambushes them and knocks out Adam, Charlie's prepared for a fight to the death. Monroe has other plans. He shows Charlie two U.S. Government wanted posters, one for him and one for Rachel. When Charlie confronts Adam, he explains he's only in the bounty hunter business for the money and doesn't know why the Patriots want Rachel. Monroe knows they need to warn Rachel before it's too late. But Charlie wants nothing to do with him. She takes off to find her mother, alone.

Titus' clan descends on Willoughby, ready to enact havoc. But Miles manages to strike a deal - if Titus lets the townspeople go, he'll get his wife back. Titus agrees, and the residents start evacuating. Desperate, Jessica fatally slits her wrists rather than return to her husband. Miles and Rachel know their plan will fall apart if Titus finds out. What they don’t know is that Titus sent a spy to check on his wife...

When Garrett starts barking orders at Titus, it becomes clear that Titus has been working for the Patriots all along, since they intend to take over Willoughby for unknown reasons. But Titus only complied for Jessica's sake and now all bets are off. When Miles sends off the last wagonload of civilians, the tribesmen attack and an all-out war ensues. Titus visits his wife's deceased body in Rachel's house and is saying his goodbyes when Garrett throws a bag over his head.

Miles and Rachel are cornered in an alley, and Aaron is trapped in a barn. The situation seems dire but at the very last moment, machine gun fire rings out and the clansmen are mown down. The U.S. Army marches in to rescue the remaining townspeople from certain death. Aaron and Miles both manage to escape with their lives, but Rachel has taken two arrows to the chest. As medics rush in to save her life, a skeptical Miles watches the Patriot saviors raise the Stars and Stripes high above the town square.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013 - 20:00
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Short Synopsis

While tribesmen threaten Willoughby, Rachel and her dad stage a daring rescue attempt.