Tracy McMillan


Tracy McMillan serves as a matchmaker on "Read for Love," NBC's innovative and dramatic new relationship show about making real connections.

For McMillan, matchmaking isn't a business - it comes out of being a friend. Over the past 10 years, McMillan has been a go-to gal for friends, friends-of-friends, at her workplaces and sometimes even just performing random acts of relationship advising wherever she happens to be. She draws from her life experiences - she grew up in foster care and has been married and divorced three times. McMillan firmly believes that where you have your biggest challenges is where you also have the most to give. Her experiences with marriage give her a unique perspective on what women are doing wrong, for better and for worse. McMillan's background means she doesn't speak down to women, but she does encourage them to get honest with themselves. She feels that change always starts in the same place: within.

With a combination of wit, insight and a big heart, Tracy has gotten hundreds of women ready for love. McMillan is the author of "Why You're Not Married... Yet." The book, based on the controversial and much-viralized 2011 Huffington Post blog, has tallied 2.2 million views. The book was also named one of Time magazine's "Top 10 Opinion Pieces of 2011."

McMillan is also an accomplished television writer, whose credits include "Mad Men," "United States of Tara," "Necessary Roughness" and "Life on Mars." She's the mother of a 15-year-old son and lives in Los Angeles.