Ernesto Arguello


Age: 33
Resides: Miami, FL

The son of Cuban and Nicaraguan refugees, Ernesto Arguello's parents instilled very strong values in him and his four siblings. There was a large emphasis on education and making the world a better place by giving back and being of service.

Born in Texas during the time his father studied for his PhD, Arguello moved with his family back to Honduras, where he was raised until he attended the University of Miami for college. He has been in Miami ever since, where he has a successful career as a civil and architectural engineer and has parlayed his talents into a philanthropic organization. The organization that he created with his brother helps create functional safe housing for people in Third World countries, such as his homeland of Nicaragua.

Arguello believes there is balance in every other area of his life other than romance and claims that he has never really been in love. His goal and greatest wish is to have a successful relationship like his parents, who have been married for 38 years. His tight bond with his family is of the utmost importance and a sense of strong family connection is crucial for the person he marries. He loves kids, and spending quality time with his eight nieces and nephews has only made him realize that he is ready for his own now more than ever. Even though Arguello believes finding love can be challenging, he feels that being put in an environment dedicated to its discovery will provide great results. He is ready to find his one true love any way he can.