Episodes (13)

Perfect Tens

S1 E112/20/10
Dave confronts Julia about her slovenly ways, and the two push each other to be "perfect tens" by dressing up and going out every night.


S1 E201/20/11
Dave and Julia's plans for a romantic anniversary fall through as Rex and Leigh get their game night on and Vance and Amy threaten to break up.

Perfect Proposal

S1 E301/27/11
Amy and Vance's engagement inspires doubt from Julia and Dave and blind, overwhelming support from Rex and Leigh.

Perfect Health

S1 E402/03/11
Dave and Amy fight their addictions - to food and shopping, respectively - while Rex encourages everyone to embrace immaturity in his Man Cave.

Perfect Jealousy

S1 E502/10/11
Amy and Julia object to Dave and Vance's flirtatious ways, while Rex hides a financial secret from Leigh.

Perfect Crime

S1 E602/17/11
After Leigh's summer rolls give everyone food poisoning, Vance and Amy argue about her job as the wedding planner.
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