Unity Concert: Message from Leslie
Parks and Recreation - Leslie Knope, Pawnee bureaucrat

Hello Pawneeans and Eagletonians!


Welcome to the Unity Concert - a massive music and arts festival to celebrate the merger and rally together the Pawnee and Eagleton communities! It's like if the United Nations put on Woodstock in a park!!


When I look around at these two communities, both Pawneeans and Eagletonians, I think... man, we used to really hate each other. Like, with a passion unknown anywhere else in the southern Indiana region. And now I look and I think... now we only strongly despise one another. And if that monumental change is not the most wonderful thing then I don't even know what's right in the world anymore. Plus, it'll only continue to get better... with your help!


So I hope you'll take the time to enjoy the bands, and hopefully unite in music. As the song goes, "All we are saying is give [the merger] a chance."


United with you!
Leslie Knope


Deputy Director, Parks and Recreation
Unity Concert Chairperson


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