I'm Leslie Knope

S4 E109/22/11
Leslie tells Ben that she's running for office while Ron and Tammy One face off.

Ron & Tammys

S4 E209/29/11
Tammy One attempts to control Ron while Ben discovers that Tom's business model isn't going to work.

Born and Raised

S4 E310/06/11
Pawneeans doubt Leslie's birthplace while Ann tries desperately to make small talk with Ron and April.

Pawnee Rangers

S4 E410/13/11
Ron's Pawnee Rangers take on Leslie's Pawnee Goddesses while Tom and Donna try to get Ben to relax.

Meet 'N' Greet

S4 E510/27/11
April and Andy throw a Halloween party while Tom hijacks an event intended to promote Leslie's campaign.
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