The Parks Department organizes the prom of the century.

Leslie hosts an impromptu Galentine's Day brunch to find a replacement best friend in Ann's absence.

Leslie's "New Town Slogan" poll gets hijacked, Andy discovers Ron's deep, dark secret and Tom finds a venue for his new restaurant.

Leslie literally hits a wall in her mission to unite the cities of Eagleton and Pawnee.

While Leslie struggles to ease tensions surrounding the Pawnee-Eagleton merger, Ben tries to surprise her with an amazing anniversary gift.

Parks and Recreation - Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins laugh and clap hands

The Parks department bids a fond farewell to two of Pawnee's most beloved citizens, Ann Perkins and Chris Traeger.

Parks and Recreation - Leslie and Ben watch the sexy chard dancers perform at the Farmers Market

Leslie battles a lewd and licentious chard salesman at the local Farmers Market, Ann tries to cope with her uncontrollable pregnancy emotions, and Andy finds his true calling.

Parks and Recreation - Chris Traeger proposes to Ann Perkins in a still from episode 611, "New Beginnings"

Leslie struggles to reintegrate herself back into the Parks Department, and Chris finally proposes to Ann.

Parks and Recreation - Leslie in office showing Ben her comeback banner

Leslie hatches a last-second scheme to get herself reinstated onto the Pawnee City Council.

During his week off between jobs, Ben becomes obsessed with creating a new role-playing game called "The Cones of Dunshire."

Leslie needs Tom's help for her plan to add fluoride to Pawnee's water supply.

Leslie copes with the stress of her recall vote by throwing a Halloween party.

Leslie stages an epic filibuster during Ben's birthday party to jam Jamm's jam.

Scandal erupts when Donna accidentally sends a lewd message via the Parks twitter account.

Tensions rise when Pawnee Parks Dept. employees meet their Eagleton counterparts.

Leslie gets her day in the sun when she discovers that Pawnee's rival city, Eagleton, is facing a crippling financial crisis and Pawnee is the residents' only hope. Kristen Bell guest stars.

The gang accompanies Leslie to London to accept a prestigious award. Meanwhile, a Leslie Knope recall movement continues to gain steam in Pawnee.