Jim heads a search committee that interviews candidates, including Andy and Darryl. Meanwhile, Dwight tries to get back in the race.

Dwight takes over for Deangelo and immediately begins applying his unique management style to Dunder Mifflin Sabre. Kathy Bates guest stars.

When Deangelo creates an "Inner Circle" of only men, the women of the office object to his sexist ways.

Michael, about to leave for Colorado, wants a day without drama to say his goodbyes to each co-worker.

In his final days on the job, Michael trains Deangelo to take over hosting the Dundie Awards.

As Michael trains his replacement, the staffers - except for an apathetic Dwight - scramble to impress the new manager.

Michael finally pops the question to Holly while the office holds a garage sale in the warehouse.

Michael's favorite Dunder Mifflin traveling salesman, Todd Packer, shows up at the office wanting a desk job.

Michael finally screens his epic film masterpiece "Threat Level Midnight" for the office - but Holly reacts poorly.

It's Valentine's Day in the office and everyone is getting sick and tired of Michael and Holly's PDAs.

Dwight, Erin and Holly go on a search for Michael when he goes missing.

After Andy's sales numbers come in low, he hosts his own seminar in Dunder Mifflin's conference room.

When Holly returns to work, the office wants to know whether she got engaged over New Year's or not.

When Toby gets called into jury duty, he alerts the office that Holly will be taking over his HR duties.

Oscar and Michael battle over who's smarter, while Pam takes a stand against Dwight and his way of running the office building.

Ryan gets the office invested in his internet start-up company, WUPHF.com.

Michael attempts to sabotage Gabe's viewing party.

Pam and Jim prepare for Cece's baptism. When Cece goes missing, Jim fears Angela has taken her.

A Halloween costume contest in the office has employees vying for the grand prize of a coupon book.

Dwight, Michael and Jim team up to spy on their rival salesman while Andy, Darryl and Kevin decide to start a band.

A medical scare forces Michael to contact all of his ex-girlfriends including Jan and Holly.

Andy hopes to impress Erin when he is cast in the local production of "Sweeney Todd."

Corporate makes Michael partake in counseling sessions in the office with Toby.

Michael refuses the fire the new office assistant after everyone complains about his bad attitude. Andy plays it cool after Erin shows interest in another man. Meanwhile, Pam tries to impress Jim by pulling an office prank of her own.