A Love Story?

Jealousy runs rampant at Greendale as Britta and Professor Slater fight for Jeff's affection. Meanwhile, Troy's confused when Abed doesn't invite him to move into his dorm room.

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When Annie learns that Senor Chang has faked his teaching credentials, she gets him fired in hopes that everyone will fail the Spanish final and re-take the semester.

Safety First

What begins as a simple contest for a chance at early class registration turns the peaceful campus of Greendale Community College into an all-out war zone.

It's a Miracle We Still Have Clothes On

After Pierce crosses a line with Shirley, the group is forced to choose between the two. Meanwhile, Jeff and Britta face off against a group of young bullies.

Apology Gone Awry

Jeff and Abed take on the chicken finger shortage at Greendale, creating a division in the group that leaves Jeff without power.

Cut The Power Off At The Source

It's April Fool's Day and despite the Dean's attempts to curb campus pranks, one of the study group members manages to cause quite a stir.

Real Bad Asses Work Together

Jeff shows off his competitive side in pottery class while the others take up sailing.

Between Friends

It's family day at Greendale Community College, and the gang's families come to campus to join in on the fun. Jeff immediately connects with Pierce's stepdaughter after getting dumped by the professor.

Vending Machine Prank

In an attempt to take an easy class, Jeff signs up for billiards and challenges the coach to a face-off in which the competition becomes heated and clothes are removed.

Face Off

In a Valentine's-themed episode, Britta leaves a Jeff a drunk voice mail message with booty call implications. Abed, concerned that the balance in the group is now off, encourages Jeff to even the playing field with Britta by returning the favor.

The Lady Suits

Jeff and Britta meddle in Annie's love life when she starts dating Britta's ex, Vaughn. Meanwhile, Pierce feels left out of Troy and Abed's movie night.

Cut of the T-Bone Steak!

Jeff and Shirley build a friendship through gossip, while Britta starts dating a new guy on campus.

A Twosome

The group discovers that Jeff has a new girlfriend he has been hiding, while Troy and Britta have a secret of their own.

Secret in Spandex

Reunited after the winter break, the group is unsettled when a fellow classmate tries to join their study group. Meanwhile, Dean Pelton talks Jeff into becoming the new editor of the campus newspaper.

Comparative Religion

Shirley throws a Christmas party for the gang and much to her surprise, learns her classmates come from various religious backgrounds. Meanwhile, Jeff is challenged by the school bully and faces the reality that he may fail Spanish 101.

Comparative Religion

Annie and Dean Pelton put on an STD fair for Greendale students, Jeff learns a few lessons on dating and women, and Troy and Abed challenge each other to find out who is the best athlete on campus.

Pepper Water
Greendale celebrates Green Week, while Jeff befriends Senor Chang to get out of a Spanish class assignment.
Greendale vs. City College

Jeff wings it for the Greendale Community College debate team in a match-up against City College.

TV is the best Dad

Jeff gets kicked out of his condo and must learn to adapt to a low maintenance life, Annie is not happy with the thought of Troy dating someone, and Pierce joins a rock band with Britta's ex-boyfriend, Vaughn.

You Own a Cowboy Outfit!

Jeff has the hots for his statistics professor and is determined to take her out on a date. He finds the perfect opportunity to pursue her, but it happens to interfere with a Day of the Dead party Annie is throwing for their Spanish class.

Bathroom Companion

Jeff convinces Troy to join the school's football team in order to save his career, but Annie throws a wrench in the plan. Meanwhile, Shirley teaches Britta the etiquette of girl talk.

Kickpuncher with Abed & Troy

Jeff and Shirley build a friendship through gossip, while Britta starts dating a new guy on campus.

Introduction to Film

Abed takes an introduction to film class with Britta's financial help, but must deal with his father's disapproval.

La Biblioteca

Jeff's attempt to become Britta's partner in a Spanish class project fails miserably.