Episodes (14)

Dead Me

S1 E1402/17/15
When Jake is mistakenly declared dead, Annie must keep up the ruse to get time off from her demanding job.

Change Me

Jake and Annie enlist Kay's help to cure them of their annoying habits, while Dennah and Gil stalk a hunky fireman.

F Me

S1 E1202/03/15
Jake and Annie accidentally commit a hate crime, while Gil, Dennah and Kay compete to bring a date to their wedding.

Friend Me

S1 E1101/27/15
Jerry O'Connell guest stars as an old friend of Jake's who doesn't like Annie and wants to break up the couple.

Spoil Me

S1 E1001/13/15
Jake and Annie are convinced the other is cheating on them with their favorite show. Rob Riggles guest stars.

Test Me

S1 E901/06/15
When Jake and Annie get in a fight at their friends' Meet the Baby party, they turn to the nanny cam footage to settle their issues.
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