Darren McMullen


Darren McMullen possesses a knack for making people laugh, as well as entertaining audiences and
cozying up to some of the biggest names in the industry. He has hosted numerous high-profile
television shows, and his on-screen efforts have redefined the traditional host role.

Scottish-born McMullen began his career in front of the camera as host of "Ignition," a monthly car show
in Sydney, Australia. He went on to host "Exclusive" from Australia’s Arena TV, an entertainment news
show, where he showed he could dive into the action -- ranging from crashing the stage at Eskimo Joe's
"Homebake" performance to getting arrested at a Robbie Williams concert. McMullen even turned the
crowd on Johnny Knoxville at his own premiere -- dressed as Jean Pierre, one of his alter egos.

MTV then came along and gave McMullen the perfect opportunity to let loose with his wild and crazy
antics as the host of "The Lair," MTV's live music show. He next hosted "Fan vs. Band," a program that
he helped to write and develop for MTV.

McMullen later found time for primetime network television on Australia’s "Commercial Breakdown" for
Channel Nine, a show that he helped write and develop. Based on the success of the first season,
Channel Nine asked him to return and come back to do four, one-hour adult-only specials of
"Commercial Breakdown."

McMullen has hosted several high-profile televised events such as "Snow Jam" in 2007, 2008 and
2009, which is a free, open-air music festival that takes place on the slopes near Christchurch, New
Zealand. McMullen also has hosted "Event TV," another "Entertainment Tonight"-style show, which is
screened in the foyers of such cinema theaters as Event, Greater Union and Birch Carroll and Coyle all
over Australia and New Zealand.

In addition to hosting "Love in the Wild," McMullen currently hosts Australia’s version of "Minute to Win