Losing It with Jillian

About the Show

Many families across the country are stuck in an unhealthy rut that they would love to change. In today's society, with the pressures of work, school, family and juggling everyday life, a person's health becomes last on their "checklist," leading them down a path of unhealthy living. In this new life-changing alternative series, Jillian Michaels, star of "The Biggest Loser," will provide a wake-up call for eight families across America and help them transform their lives inside and out.

Each week, Michaels, one of the leading health and wellness experts in the country, will use her characteristic brand of tough love and move in with one family for a week, giving them the necessary tools to reboot their lives and bring them back to a healthier lifestyle emotionally and physically. Michaels will get to the root of the issues each family member faces that affect their health and happiness. Over the course of one week, the family will be pushed outside of their comfort zones and introduced to new exercise and eating habits as they are tested through difficult challenges and dramatic confrontations. At the end of the week Michaels will give a customized plan and a set of goals, leaving the family on their own to put to practice what they have learned.

One final challenge remains, which will be a testament to their determination and cement their commitment to live happier, healthier lives. In an emotional and exciting reunion, Michaels returns a few months later to see how far they've come, and the families will reveal their new looks and share their accomplishments in front of their family and friends.