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S2 E1306/14/17

The Grande Finale
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Hadley, the viral video star; Reuben the singer returns from Wales; the interpreters get in on the act; Caleb, the little worship leader returns; and Brandon, the piano player join host Steve Harvey for a night of young talent.

S2 E1206/07/17

The Magic Johnsons
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The Johnson Family, singing siblings; Keenan, the cellist; The Diabolos, a cirque troop; Joshua, the gymnast; Sterre, a Dutch opera singer; and King Nahh, a motivational speaker join host Steve Harvey for a night of young talent.

S2 E1105/31/17

Little Big News
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Brianne, the little reporter; Nathan, the stand-up comic; Los Bañales Juniors; Svyatoslav, the aerial acrobat; The Gigi Sisters; and brothers Sid and Nandan, the Ping-Pong champs, join host Steve Harvey for a night of young talent.

S2 E1005/14/17

Memory Lane
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Mykal-Michelle, the tennis fan; Antonio and Maria, the ballroom dancers; Nash, the unicyclist/juggler; JD, the singer; and Katherine, the memory champ join Steve Harvey for a night of amazing talents.

S2 E905/07/17

Little Big Steppers
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Boyz II Bowties, the stepping group; Henry, the environmental video star; Angelic and Jonael, the singers; DTB Triple Threat, the card throwers; Maximus, the color guard kid; and Elias, the pianist, join host Steve Harvey.

S2 E804/30/17

Bend It Like Bella
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Ocean and Sky, the skater kids; Andrey, the guitarist and singer; Nicholas and Michael, the pizza kids; Ellis, the viral dance battle star; Sammy, the viral video-staring kid; and Bella, the contortionist and archer, join host Steve Harvey.
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