Four Degrees from Marcia Gay Harden


Marcia Gay Harden joins us for the fourth time in SVU history as FBI Agent Dana Lewis, previously on seasons seven, eight, and 12. Although she'll have shared the screen with Mariska Hargitay and Dann Florek before, this is the first time she meets Danny Pino and Kelli Giddish. This isn't to say they don't have a few connections in common, though...


Even though the Kevin Bacon rule establishes six degrees of separation, we have found connections between Marcia Gay and our newer detectives - without going through SVU! - in only four degrees (in honor of her fourth appearance).


Marcia Gay Harden and Danny Pino


In 2011, our esteemed guest appeared in a TV movie, "Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy," starring Hayden Panettiere. Hayden had a busy year, as she also appeared in "Scream 4." The Scream series featured Neve Campbell, whom many remember from the '90s TV show "Party of Five," on which Scott Grimes played a recurring character. Scott Grimes was on "ER" for six years. Incidentally, Maria Bello was on the show for a couple of years (although about 10 years earlier). Maria Bello was also in the 2006 movie "Flicka," which also featured our very own Detective Nick Amaro, Danny Pino.


Marcia Gay Harden and Kelli Giddish


Marcia Gay Harden has worked with Sean Penn on both "Mystic River" and "Into the Wild." Recently, Sean Penn was romantically involved with Scarlett Johansson. ScarJo began her stint in Woody Allen films in 2005's "Match Point," alongside Jonathan Rhys Meyers. In 2002, he appeared in the soccer classic "Bend It Like Beckham," alongside Archie Panjabi. Archie Panjabi shared a screen with Kelli Giddish on "The Good Wife" the season before Kellie became our cherished Detective Amanda Rollins.

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