Fifteen Questions for Season 15




The show lives on! On the set of the morgue, Warren Leight, our fearless leader, announces the good news to the cast and crew about SVU's Season 15 renewal.




The green light's been given by the powers that be over at NBC... "Law & Order: SVU" will be back for a whopping 15th season! That means 22 more episodes of crime, intrigue and TV magic.




As well as the incredible cast and crew that work for as many hours a day as there have been seasons, we have you, the viewers and fans, to thank. As such, we thought we'd post a fun little quiz - 15 questions for 15 seasons - to get you excited for the season finale, get you pumped for the season to come and to test your knowledge of one of the oldest scripted shows currently on the air. Good luck, and please be advised: some of this trivia enters into elite SVU Geek territory.




1. This season, SVU celebrated a milestone: 300 episodes. But what was the episode title?


     A) Plenty Episodes


     B) Manhattan Vigil


     C) Incessant Crime


     D) Lessons Learned




2. Which cast member has had the most appearances in television history as the same character?


     A) Mariska Hargitay, as Olivia Benson


     B) Dann Florek, as Donald Cragen


     C) Ice-T, as Odafin Tutuola


     D) Richard Belzer, as John Munch




3.  But which of those cast members has appeared in the most SVU episodes?


     A) Mariska Hargitay, as Olivia Benson


     B) Dann Florek, as Donald Cragen


     C) Ice-T, as Odafin Tutuola


     D) Richard Belzer, as John Munch




4.  Kelli Giddish joined the cast in 2011 as Detective Amanda Rollins, but she previously appeared on an episode as a guest star. Which episode?


     A) "Ballistic" as Dog Walker, a dog walker whose dogs find a body in a nearby bush


     B) "Foolhardy" as Brianna Yellen, a no-nonsense defense attorney from down South


     C) "Outsider" as Kara Bawson, the victim of a serial rapist


     D) "Effortless" as Shaun Patterson, a college girl whose roommate has gone missing




5. Despite what IMDb might tell you, "Scorched Earth" was not Detective Nick Amaro's first appearance on SVU. Which episode was?


     A) Nope, it was absolutely "Scorched Earth." Danny Pino started on Season 13, and that was the season premiere, so...


     B) Season 12 finale, "Smoked"


     C) The second episode of Season 13, "Personal Fouls"


     D) Season 13 finale, "Rhodium Nights"




6.  On which other "Law & Order" franchise has Dann Florek played Captain Cragen?


     A) Law & Order


     B) Law & Order: Criminal Intent


     C) Law & Order: Trial by Jury


     D) Law & Order: Los Angeles




7. On which other "Law & Order" franchise was Warren Leight the Showrunner?


     A) Law & Order


     B) Law & Order: Criminal Intent


     C) Law & Order: Trial by Jury


     D) Law & Order: Los Angeles




8. SVU has seen four showrunners in its 14 seasons. Who was the original?


     A) Dick Wolf


     B) Ted Kotcheff


     C) Mike Ciliento


     D) Robert Palm




9. You might remember in Season 1 that Detective Brian Cassidy (Dean Winters) had a brief relationship with a member of the SVU team. Who?


     A) Detective Olivia Benson (that's right, folks, they rekindled their romance after 12 years apart!)


     B) M.E. Melinda Warner


     C) Detective Monique Jeffries


     D) A.D.A. and Judge Elizabeth Donnelly




10. What was A.D.A. Rafael Barba's first line on the show?


     A) "Your client - jury takes one look at the simian carriage, the Neanderthal jaw - I'll get him convicted of kidnapping the Lindbergh baby."


     B) "A show and tell on Manor Hill, the shining prep school on the mount? I love charts, talk to me."


     C) "I never mind a little blood on the canvas. You have an event to get to? Enjoy. I have a case to prepare."


     D) "Look, I wish you weren't my witness. You wish you weren't my witness. But here we are. Let's get through this."




11. Okay, so Barba is a new character. That was easy. But what about Benson... what is her first line EVER on SVU? (Note: These are all amongst her first four lines.)


     A) "Works for me."


     B) "Olivia Benson."


     C) "Rogers."


     D) "Why don't you follow up with the cab company 'cause the night guy didn't have the home address on the vic. I'll do the Hack Bureau."




12. Who was the original A.D.A. on SVU?


     A) Alex Cabot


     B) Jack McCoy


     C) Julie Martin


     D) Abbie Carmichael




13. After this week's episode, how many episodes of SVU will have aired?


     A) 321


     B) 399


     C) 317


     D) 300


14. After all these years, SVU has earned the reputation of being a New York City institution. But the stages (meaning the set where we have the squad room, morgue, etc.) haven't always been in New York. Where have they been?


     A) New Jersey


     B) Los Angeles


     C) Connecticut


     D) Canada




15. "Law & Order: SVU" was originally going to be titled:


     A) Law & Order: Elite Squad


     B) Sex Crimes


     C) Dedicated Detectives


     D) Law & Order: Especially Heinous








B, D, A, C, C, A, B, D, A, A, B, D, C, A, B




If you got 0-4 answers correct:


Don't fret! Watch the remaining episodes of the season and then start over from the beginning. You'll have the summer to go through 14 seasons.




If you got 5-9 answers correct:


Hmm... admittedly these were tough questions, but keep watching the show and you'll be among the most knowledgeable fans in no time.




If you got 10-14 answers correct:


Well done. To you, Wednesday nights are probably sacred. You're going to love the last three episodes and what they're cooking up for next season.




If you got all 15 answers correct:


Congratulations! You are an official SVU Nerd!


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