A suspected child murderer's trial is derailed when Benson is accused of coercing his confession. B.D. Wong and Tom Sizemore guest star

SVU's search for a missing teen leads to a DNA-matching hunt with surprising results.

When a pious TV family's reputation is shattered by a teen pregnancy scandal, SVU uncovers the reality behind the reality show. Chris Elliott guest stars.

Rollins' fugitive sister is entangled in a rape case involving a world-renowned flautist. Virginia Madsen guest stars.

Cops shoot and kill an unarmed black man while pursuing an SVU rape suspect, igniting racial tensions in the city.

When a starving toddler is found roaming the streets, SVU uncovers corruption within Child Protective Services. Whoopi Goldberg guest stars.

When a transgender teen is assaulted by high school bullies, the case quickly escalates to tragedy, and the squad agonizes over whether the punishment fits the crime.

In the Season 17 premiere, jailed serial killer Greg Yates is suspected when a woman's body washes up near the burial site of his other victims. Dallas Roberts guest stars.