Surrendering Noah

S16 E2305/20/15
Johnny D's sex trafficking trial puts a detective's life in jeopardy and threatens to derail Olivia's adoption of baby Noah.

Parents' Nightmare

S16 E2205/13/15
SVU detectives race to find a boy kidnapped for ransom, but his divorced parents obstruct the investigation.

Perverted Justice

S16 E2105/06/15
Captain Cragen returns when SVU reopens a 17-year-old incest rape case after the victim suddenly recants. Dann Florek and Andre Braugher guest star.

Daydream Believer

S16 E2004/29/15
The manhunt continues in the thrilling conclusion of the Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D. and Law & Order: SVU crossover event.

Granting Immunity

S16 E1904/08/15
A high school sex party sparks a vaccination debate when the partygoers contract the measles. Noah has another health scare.

Devastating Story

S16 E1804/01/15
When a crime show covers the brutal assault of a coed, the story goes viral, prompting SVU to take a closer look at the victim's story.
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