When a woman is attacked at a gaming convention, the detectives uncover the misogynistic underbelly of the gaming world.

When a teenage girl is assaulted, her father takes the law into his own hands. 

Amaro's family secrets are revealed when his estranged father gets remarried. Mariska Hargitay directs and Armand Assante guest stars.

Life imitates art when an eccentric young movie star, who plays a character accused of assault, is accused of assault in real life.

When Rollins' old Atlanta squad comes to town, the disturbing truth behind Rollins' transfer finally emerges. 

The squad investigates a serial rapist whose M.O. is eerily similar to a case Rollins worked on in Atlanta. 

A football star turned sportscaster is accused of domestic violence, but the victim won't cooperate. Chad L. Coleman and Meagan Good guest star.

In Part 2 of the Crossover Event, SVU hunts for a child pornographer. 

One girl is stabbed and two are missing after going into the woods to find the mythical Glasgowman.

A coed who turned to porn to pay for college is assaulted by two classmates, but SVU has a hard time proving no really meant no.

A disturbed young man with a vendetta against women seeks revenge, putting Rollins in danger. 

A fallen child star accuses Amaro of sexual abuse, further jeopardizing his career.

A basketball star with a lucrative sportswear contract is accused of assault by multiple women. 

The arrest of an underage prostitute re-ignites the investigation into the murder of Ellie Porter, baby Noah's birth mother.