Chasing Theo

S18 E801/11/17
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A six-year-old boy goes missing after his wealthy mother throws a wild party. Rachelle Lefevre guest stars.

Next Chapter

S18 E701/04/17
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After a young woman is attacked in her home, her former stalker becomes the prime suspect. Chris Bauer guest stars.

Broken Rhymes

S18 E611/09/16
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When a transgender woman is raped and killed, SVU looks to a hip-hop artist for answers. Wyclef Jean guest stars.

Rape Interrupted

S18 E510/26/16
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Benson is torn between loyalty and duty when she has to arrest the son of her old partner for rape. Anthony Edwards guest stars.

Heightened Emotions

S18 E410/12/16
When Rollins' sister makes parole, she must work to earn Rollins' trust back. An Olympic pole vaulter moonlights as an escort for the thrill, but when she's raped, will she risk her lucrative career to get justice?
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