Tuesday Recap -- Andy Samberg, Busy Philipps, Abbi Jacobson & Ilana Glazer

Monday’s Late Night with Seth Meyers brought SNL alum Andy Samberg back to the eight floor, as well as Busy Philipps and Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer.

Seth’s monologue opened up the show with Barbie’s birthday, Johnny Carson’s sex tape and believe it: a joke that included a Disney Princess, pornography and a stabbing murder. Watch here if you still don’t believe (not to be confused with a plug for the Alfonso Cuaron series that premiered tonight at 10pm EST on NBC. We would never cross promote on you by adding a link to that show’s site…)

Fred was missing in action, so Seth felt the refreshing effects of a lie-free zone. Watch Seth talk about his SXSW experience, which includes sitting on the Iron Throne. He then vented to the American people who are not caught up on True Detective. THEY are the real spoilers, as in spoiled the fun in being able to talk about it. Don’t worry, we’re going to discuss True Detective theories in exactly one year, so be prepared.

Seth’s pal, Andy Samberg joined the show next. They proved that they’re real friends by talking about the time that they went to Vegas for Andy’s bachelor party and got a special gift from David Copperfield. We’ll say this: either David’s using magic, or he has a rhinoceros penis. They also discussed the fun they had on SNL together, including Nic Cage and their love/hate relationship with vomit sketches. Make sure to watch and see who’s on what side of the vomit argument.

Busy Philipps came out next, and at least felt as if they are good friends, seeing how similar Seth is to his brother Josh, whom she’s close with.

The Broad City Girls helped close out the show by talking about their Comedy Central series, as well as working with Seth’s pal, Amy Poehler.

Shout-out to PAlive! for being the local affiliate mug on Seth’s desk tonight. Tune in tomorrow to see which mug is on Seth’s desk!

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