Wednesday Recap - Taye Diggs, Andy Serkis, Neon Trees

It was a rough episode for World Cup fan Seth, but appearances from Taye Diggs and Andy Serkis as well as a performance from Neon Trees eased his pain.

Seth started off the show with some disconcerting news from BP, namely that the Earth will run out of oil in 53 years. Good thing, Seth noted, the ocean still has plenty of it. Elsewhere, rocker Alice Cooper was inducted into the White Castle Burger Hall of Fame, and Robin Thicke's new album, Paula, reportedly sold only 530 copies in its first week. Find out what Seth had to say about all that and more.

The World Cup is drawing to a close and that means Seth can stop acting like a child - his words. The Late Night host admitted he'd been forcing employees to move their days around so he could watch the Dutch national team's matches. Why is Seth such a fan of the Netherlands? Because he needed to support one more team besides the Boston Red Sox and the Pittsburgh Steelers that made him feel awful while watching sports.

Like everyone else, Late Night's staffers are big Instagram users, and they've even created their own set of filters. For example, there's the Murray filter, which removes Bill Murray from all bachelor party and wedding photos. There's also the Kristen Stewart filter, which can make any fun night out look like everyone had a terrible time. Check out more new filters in this clip

He said he was done feeling awful about the World Cup but boy was Seth wrong when he found out midway through the show that Argentina defeated the Netherlands in overtime. But hey, Seth has two great parents, a brother who is his best friend, he's married to a beautiful and intelligent woman, and he has his own talk show. What's there to complain about? He'll tell you.

Seth and Lester Holt hit it off so well during the inaugural round of Forced Friendship that the Late Night host decided it was time to do it again, this time with Dateline correspondent Keith Morrison. What followed was a dinner date at Olive Garden, some game playing at Dave & Buster's and an odd insight into why Morrison ends his day inside a utility closet.

When it came time for Taye Diggs to discuss his new TNT drama, Murder in the First, he did not disappoint, signaling out the writing of Steven Bochco and the series' 10-episode run as reasons why he came on board. When it came time for Diggs to explain why he enjoyed filming in San Francisco, he was less successful, saying only that he enjoyed the city's bridges and hills. The actor also dished on his four-and-a-half-year-old son Walker's sassy attitude and why he's an emotional wreck when it comes to dating. Find out why you don't want to be around Diggs if he stubs a toe.

Andy Serkis has pioneered the art of motion capture performance, having played Gollum in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films, Kong in King Kong and Caesar the ape in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. To prepare to play Caesar, Serkis spent some time around apes at a zoo, where one, he admitted, grew a surprising attachment to him. See what Serkis had to say about their "relationship" and his forthcoming roles in the Star Wars and Avengers sequels.

Rock band Neon Trees debuted a new song on Late Night Wednesday, taking the stage to perform "Text Me in the Morning." The single is off of the group's third album, Pop Psychology. Neon Trees, comprised of members Tyler Glenn, Elaine Bradley, Branden Campbell and Chris Allen, stormed the music scene in 2010 with the hit song "Animal."

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