Wednesday Recap - Regis Philbin, John Henson, Broods

Wednesday's episode was full of personal connections for Seth, who invited Regis Philbin, John Henson and musical duo Broods to the show.

Seth started off the monologue with some political news, specifically that former Vice President Dick Cheney recently referred to President Obama as the worst commander in chief of his lifetime. To which Seth replied, "C'mon, he can't be worse than John Quincy Adams." The Late Night host also noted that Kim Kardashian's Hollywood game is reportedly going to net her $85 million, but it begs the question: can we still call our phones smartphones? Get more of Seth's take on the news in the clip.

On Tuesday's show, Seth prepared barbecue chicken alongside chef Elizabeth Karmel and on Wednesday's episode, he explained why the experience was so meaningful to him. As a kid, Seth's favorite food was chicken, so much so in fact, that when he dined out with his family, his dad always had to check the menu to make sure chicken was served. It became such a habit that Seth's dad still does it to this day.

The Internet can be a terrifying place when you delve too much into it, and that's just what Seth set out to prove with his Deep Google segment. Starting out by searching for 30 Rockefeller Center, the home of Late Night, Seth learned on page seven that the first-ever live radio broadcast from 30 Rock foretold the location's famous skating rink. Down on page 94, however, Seth discovered advice for the best places to hide a body in 30 Rock. See what else a Deep Google search unearthed.

Turns out, Seth didn't need to Google 30 Rock at all; he could've asked guest Regis Philbin, who revealed during his interview that he started out as a page with NBC. During his tenure, he saw Eddie Fisher fill in for Perry Como and a chimp ride down the hallway on a bike. Regis also complimented Seth on outshining Tony Bennett at his daughter's wedding. Find out how Seth stole the spotlight.

In another wedding-related connection, Seth's second guest was John Henson, who married Seth's former comedic partner Jill Benjamin. Henson, who hosts ABC's Wipeout, regaled the audience with a story about how his wife one-upped him with her vows. After they had been dating for two months, Benjamin presented Henson with a photo of them kissing on whose back she had written "love you, I always will. P.S. I do." Henson had never even noticed the writing - until Benjamin revealed it at their wedding. Hear what happened next in his interview.

Brother and sister duo Georgia and Caleb Nott - aka Broods - performed their new song "Mother and Father" on Late Night Wednesday. The pair released its self-titled EP in January with a full-length album, titled Evergreen, to be released on August 22. Learn more about Broods at their Facebook page and listen to "Mother and Father" below.

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