Wednesday Recap - Mike Myers and Shep Gordon, Whitney Cummings, Tove Lo

With three comedians in the house, it was anything but a dull night on Wednesday's episode of Late Night featuring Mike Myers (with special guest Shep Gordon), Whitney Cummings and a performance from Tove Lo.

Weighing in on the comments of former vice president Dick Cheney, who spoke out against President Obama's presidency, Seth pondered what Cheney had to say about his own Commander-in-Chief, George W. Bush. "Oh please, he wasn't the president," mimed Seth. Moving on, the Late Night host shared the story of a Brazilian man who slapped a porcupine - in his defense, he thought it was a possum - and an apartment complex in Hawaii that is DNA testing dog feces so it can reprimand the owners who aren't cleaning up after their pets. Get up to speed in the monologue.

With Fargo's season finale having aired this week, Seth took a moment to tell his audience that before he hosts the Emmy Awards on August 25, he would like to request that everyone get caught up on their favorite TV shows so he doesn't have to worry about spoilers during the awards ceremony. And if you're not planning on watching the Emmys, Seth requested that you keep that information to yourself because it hurts his feelings.

Working at 30 Rock often allows Seth to interact with fans -- and they are mostly lovely people, he said. But occasionally, he runs into an individual that he would prefer to shake. One such instance was Jeremy, who unfortunately for Seth, joined him on what felt like the longest escalator ride ever and badgered Seth with questions about his job and local lunch eateries.

Contrary to how it sounds, Mike Myers and Seth are not related, but the two do share a love of World Cup soccer. For Myers, whose parents are from Liverpool, England, the English national team's soccer games have also coincided with some of his most important memories, including proposing to his wife four years ago when England played the U.S. in the World Cup. Myers got down on his knee right after England scored; his now-wife Kelly, an American, said yes, and then a moment later, the U.S. scored, prompting Seth to joke it's fitting considering marriage is ultimately a draw. Check out more from the pair's chat.

When it came time for Myers to make his directorial debut, he did so with a film he's been trying to make for years: a documentary about Hollywood insider Shep Gordon, who's managed Luther Vandross and Alice Cooper, among others. Joining Seth and Myers on the show, Gordon admitted it took the Austin Powers star a long time to convince him to do it and when he finally committed it was mostly because he was no longer being invited to celebrity golf tournaments. Find out more about the film, Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon.

Whitney Cummings and Seth have an odd commonality that binds them together: sharing the same best friend. Comedian Neal Brennan claims to be the best friend of both and it's a real source of irritation for Cummings when she's spending time with him and he steps away to answer Seth's call or to regale her with stories about Seth. But luckily for her, Seth pointed out she and he could have the last laugh since their spending time together probably causes the same amount of irritation for Neal. Cummings also shared that being good friends with comedians means negotiating who gets to use which fodder as stand-up material, something she recently experienced when putting together her newest comedy special, Whitney Cummings: I Love You. Hear her explain why nothing is off-limits.

Swedish pop singer Tove Lo made her television debut on Wednesday's episode of Late Night, performing "Habits (Stay High)." The singer's debut album, Truth Serum, was released earlier this year and she'll be opening for Katy Perry on the Australian leg of her Prismatic World Tour starting in November. Learn more about Tove Lo on her official website.

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