Wednesday Recap -- Lucy Liu, Barney Frank, Parquet Courts

Is there a better way to spend hump day than with Seth? We didn't think so. On Wednesday, the funnyman welcomed Lucy Liu, former congressman Barney Frank and Brooklyn punk band Parquet Courts.

There was no room for playing nice in Seth's monologue, where the host called out the upcoming onscreen reincarnation of Godzilla for putting on a few pounds, poked fun at a new dating site aimed at Gluten-free eaters and took Chipotle to task for possibly increasing prices. Watch it here.

During Fred Armisen's third day back, Seth and the audience learned even more about his mysterious disappearance, including the fact that his trip introduced him to his lost twin, Latisha (Armisen's mom refuses to acknowledge this connection). See Seth's disbelief here.

Speaking of old friends, Seth laid into Amy Poehler for continuing to hold his credit card hostage, describing her behavior as a "one-woman crime spree." Find out what Amy's been charging to his account here.

In the latest round of Fake or Florida, a contestant threw Seth for a twist, being a native of the Sunshine State. But what she learned about her fellow Floridians may change her mind about returning. Click here to find out what's real and what's ridiculous.

Lucy Liu is an Emmy-nominated actress, but directing an episode of her hit CBS show Elementary left her quite on edge. The only thing scarier in fact? Live-tweeting an episode, says the Twitter newbie. But it was not all facing her fears during the star's appearance. You'll never guess what Lucy had to say about a Sherlock/Watson hookup. Watch it here.

Want to know more about Lucy? She's graced the big screen in Charlie's Angels and its sequel, as well as voiced the lethal martial arts expert Master Viper in both Kung Fu Panda animated movies. Off-screen, she's served as a UNICEF Ambassador since 2004 and was a spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign in 2011.

Former Massachusetts congressman Barney Frank was only too happy to prove that life in politics is anything but the storylines seen on House of Cards, a truth seen onscreen in his new documentary, Compared to What: The Improbable Journey of Barney Frank. The politician, who voluntarily came out as gay in 1987, also dished on doing the Jitterbug with Nancy Pelosi at his wedding to husband Jim Ready. Learn who was dancing in the aisles here.

Not sure who Barney is? He's a New Jersey native who served in the House of Representatives from 1981 to 2013, winning reelection every term until his retirement. Barney is also a graduate of Harvard University.

No episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers would be complete without a raucous performance, and Brooklyn punk band Parquet Courts delivered just that with their single "Black and White." Crank up your speakers and give it a listen here.


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