Wednesday Recap -- Denis Leary, Thomas Middleditch, Fitz and The Tantrums

Late Night was all new Wednesday night with Denis Leary, Thomas Middleditch and a performance from Fitz and The Tantrums.

Anybody like talk shows that start with monologues? Well, you’re be in luck, because for the 31st consecutive time, Late Night opened up the show with a monologue. Watch Wednesday’s, where Seth touches on Hillary Clinton, Arbys and a handheld Nintendo 64.

Fred teased the Portland Trailblazers appearing on Portlandia, but couldn’t help but talked about the new museum he’s opening up, The Crew Cut Museum. Watch Fred talk up this totally real thing that’s very adjacent to The Natural History Museum.

Growing up, Seth always wanted to be a cartoonist. Because of this, he loves seeing drawings of himself – BUT – this haunting book cover he found may change his mind. Watch here.

Another day closer to the Mad Men premiere, another clip from Bad Men. Watch here to see Glad pitched a la Don Draper.

In an all new segment, John Lutz: Undercover Intern, writer John Lutz disguised himself as Johm Lumps, a cool, young intern to catch staff members talking smack about Seth. Watch here.

Denis Leary came out donning his Red Sox gear to a smattering of boos. He told a story about escaping Fenway Park during the Red Sox world series win, also known as the drunk Olympics. He also described why he has this new 90s rock star haircut, and why he no longer gets mistaken for Willem Dafoe or Aaron Eckhart anymore, but instead Ellen Degeneres and Jane Lynch. Watch the interview, which also includes talk of his upcoming film, Draft Day.

Thomas Middleditch was up next, and let’s just say, he’s been preparing for the role of the nerd he plays in HBO’s Silicon Valley for a long, long time. Maybe it was the LAN parties, maybe it was the LA Pleasure Fair, but I think it’s fair to say that the bullying had something to do with it. Watch the entire interview to see Thomas do his uncanny Seth Meyers impression.

Fitz and The Tantrums closed out the night with a supercharged performance of “The Walker.”

See you tomorrow!

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