Wednesday Recap - Demi Lovato, Dan Bakkedahl

'Twas double the Demi on Wednesday's episode of Late Night when singer Demi Lovato chatted with Seth and performed, plus actor Dan Bakkedahl stopped by.

But first, Seth tackled the day's biggest news. He commented on the announcement of Kourtney Kardashian's third pregnancy by saying it's a good thing the star has been practicing her baby talk for 35 years. Also, Sbarro's bankruptcy plan was approved by a U.S. court and the company didn't even have to sbarro-w any money. Meanwhile, mothers are campaigning for Target to disallow the open carry rule due to the store's high instances of gun violence, but Seth thinks there's maybe one aspect of the brand the women haven't considered (Hint: It's on the outside of the store).

With Fred away, the 8G band will play... with new member Martin Short. The Saturday Night Live vet lent a hand to the proceedings on Wednesday by playing the French horn - but not without a cost. In fact, Short had a very specific formula for determining his way-above-standard fee. Check out how the Late Night crew could be affected.

As a recent college graduate, Seth shared that he used to live with three roommates, one of whom was particularly terrified by the movie Scream. As a result, Seth's friend took it upon himself to purchase the Scream killer's mask and hide out in the apartment in order to get a rise out of his roommate. What happened next didn't go the way he planned.

There are many new features to look forward to in Apple's iOS 8 software, but a few in particular Seth is really excited about. Example: the Family Oversharing option, which automatically deletes texts from Uncle Mike about his unexplainable foot condition. Siri has also been updated to now come with a sassier attitude. See her in action.

Pulling off "The Greatest Sketch Ever" is no easy feat and Wednesday's episode proved just that when the Late Night gang ran into a time crunch after writer Seth Reiss kept wanting to redo his lines. His stalling ended up preventing the sketch from occurring as planned, but a few of its characters - including a man in a chicken suit, the loneliest astronaut and an elephant wearing ballet slippers - still got to make an appearance.

Demi Lovato later took to the stage to perform "Really Don't Care," but first, she proved the song's philosophy true when it comes to others' opinions about her thoughts on aliens and mermaids. Chatting with Seth, Lovato admitted she believes aliens exist and that in fact, mermaids and aliens are one and the same. A disbelieving Seth said he wished he lived in a world that thought that was true but Lovato pressed on. Find out her views on the underwater city of Atlantis, too.

Dan Bakkedahl, an old friend of Seth's, made his way to the show to reminisce about the pair's time doing improv in Chicago and to share stories about Seth's writers, like the time an audience member walked in on John Lutz in the bathroom. Bakkedahl also told tales of his time working odd jobs at a meatpacking factory, and how working the conveyor belt felt like an I Love Lucy episode, and what it's like playing the meanest character on HBO's Veep.

Returning to the studio, Demi Lovato performed "Really Don't Care" from her 2013 self-titled album, Demi. She also announced her second tour this year, a world tour that will kick off this fall. Head to her official website for upcoming tour dates and to purchase tickets, which go on sale June 6. Watch "Really Don't Care" below.

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