Wednesday Recap - Clive Owen, Sarah Paulson, Chase Rice

Wednesday's all-new episode featured appearances from Clive Owen and Sarah Paulson; plus a performance from Chase Rice.

Seth began the monologue with some bad news for President Obama, whose approval ratings have hit an all-time low. It's so bad, said Seth, that when Obama gave one of his daughters a ride to her friend's house, she asked to be dropped off two blocks away. Hear more current events, like Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder's defense of the name, in the monologue.

Two days after having brother Josh on the show, Seth shared an anecdote about how as kids, he and Josh had separate rooms, but each room had two beds so they could always sleep together. It was great, Seth said, until Josh started sleepwalking and emptying his bladder in the middle of the night. Get the full story.

After learning that electronic cigarettes are becoming more popular than actual cigarettes, Seth took a moment to reflect on how times have changed. For example, back in Seth's day, when someone wanted to look like a douchebag at a bar, they didn't smoke e-cigs; they drank a Smirnoff Ice and sang along to a Train song. Find out what else has changed.

Grown-Up Annie made her third visit to the show on Tuesday, this time catching Seth up on her summer plans. Annie's been frequenting a lot of BBQs, a pastime Seth also loves. But BBQ doesn't stand for barbeque for Annie. Instead, she's been enjoying boys, blow and Quaaludes. See what else Annie has been up to.

Clive Owen chatted with Seth about his new Cinemax series The Knick, in which he plays a turn-of-the-century doctor. To portray the character, Owen had to grow a very specific slender mustache, one he admitted he immediately shaved off as soon as filming ended. The actor also talked about filming scenes that required being doused in fake blood. Learn what it was like.

Sarah Paulson's visit marked a reunion for her and Seth, who starred together in the 2011 film New Year's Eve. The actress, who is Emmy-nominated for her role on American Horror Story: Coven, opened up about what it was like shooting a sex scene with a snake wrapped around her body (and how that snake's tongue found its way up her nose). Get all the dirty details.

Chase Rice made his late-night television debut Tuesday performing "Ready Set Roll." The country singer, who co-wrote Florida Georgia Line's smash single "Cruise," will release his debut album, Ignite the Night, on August 19. Check out his official website for more information and watch "Ready Set Roll" below.

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