Wednesday Recap - Chris Pratt, Laverne Cox, Big Data and Joywave

Seth chatted with fan favorite stars Chris Pratt and Laverne Cox on Wednesday's episode; plus Big Data and Joywave made their Late Night debuts.

Kicking off the monologue, Seth weighed in on the biggest celebrity news of that day: Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber's near bar fight in Ibiza, Spain. But not to worry, said Seth; the fight was broken up before anyone's hair got mussed. In other star-studded news, Seth revealed that Beyoncé and Jay Z are set to earn $84 million from their On the Run Tour. Good thing then, said Seth, that 84 is easily divided by two. Hear more of Seth's thoughts.

Speaking of Justin Bieber, Seth felt bad for teasing the young star about his thin mustache on a previous episode. The Late Night host admitted he can't grow a very good mustache either, which is especially hard for Seth since his dad has such an incredible one. In fact, when Seth's dad once shaved it off in his mid-40s and surprised his family with his new look, they all thought an intruder had broken into their apartment. Get the full story.

Most people are familiar with Twitter's trending topics, but Seth is more interested in Twitter's least trending topics, like #ShovelSelfie. The hashtag yielded only three Tweets, including one about a man who traded his wife for his shovel. Other least trending topics Seth discovered included #MoneyInToilet and #LampFights. Find out what they're all about.

Grandma returned to Late Night on Wednesday with her thoughts on the upcoming iPhone 6, or at least that's what Seth thought she was going to discuss. Instead, Grandma explained to the audience that caviar is made from fish eggs and that rich people eat it as a choice, not because they have nothing else to eat. She also had some harsh words for Seth's desk. Watch her visit.

Parks and Recreation actor Chris Pratt stopped by to chat about his new Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy. The actor said it took eight months of following a strict training program and diet to get into fighting shape. When asked by Seth what he missed most, Pratt joked it was his personality. The actor said he caught himself becoming a bro and talking about doing pull-ups. Hear more from Pratt's interview.

Orange Is the New Black star Laverne Cox was recently Emmy-nominated for her role on the Netflix series. When she first found out the good news, Cox said she experienced a wide range of emotions, from disbelief to crying to jumping up and down with excitement. But the actress said she's been preparing her whole life for her potential win, including rehearsing her Emmy speech in the shower. Learn more about Cox, including how her twin brother aided her performance.

Electronic music project Big Data performed "Dangerous" alongside Joywave on Wednesday's show. The group, who is produced by Alan Wilkis, recently hit No. 1 on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart. Check out "Dangerous" and click here for a web exclusive performance of Joywave's "Tongues."

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