Wednesday Recap -- Bob Costas, Steve Coogan, The Kratt Brothers, Kongos

Wednesdays Late Night brought Bob Costas, Steve Coogan, The Kratt Brothers (as well as some animals) and a performance from Kongos to studio 8G.

Seth opened the show with a dynamic monologue that led with Vladimir Putins divorce. Watch the entire monologue that covers Blackberries, Netflixs April fools joke and pot smokers take on the word inevitable. Because, like, what does evitable mean anyways?

It was business as usual with Fred, this time claiming that he has a new spa trend. Although many of us wont visit Chicago suburbs to confirm this exists, our understanding is you would just be sitting with a miniature version of Chicago suburbs for about 20 minutes anyway. So, maybe its just better that you watch Fred talk about it here instead.

Seth told a "super funny" story about throwing his dead rabbit in the garbage as a child. Not convinced this is possible? Watch here.

Thanks to some 30 year-old virgins without a social life, we were brought an all-new edition of By the Numbers. Watch whats hot in the news like the Williams sisters, a sad Warren Buffet and one of the writers performing a sweet-ass dunk on a six-foot rim. That is, before Eric ruins your adult pizza party.

Bob Costas was Seths first guest, and thought that the set needed a little something. Maybe putting the Stanley Cup right in front of Seth wasnt it, but at least he tried. His eyes looking better than ever, Bob talked about feeding some of the other MLB network guys big words, as well as his political views on the Redskins team name, gun violence in sports and Vladimir Putin. Watch the interview here.

Steve Coogan was up next, and shared a clip from his film, Alan Partridge. His character, Partridge is a failed talk show host, and has been therapeutic for Steve to speak through this character for over twenty years. Watch the rest of the interview to see Coogan talk Philomena, do some awesome Michael Cane and Liam Neeson impressions and shut everybody up with the approval of the pope.

The Kratt Brothers, along with three animal friends, were the next guests. Much like their PBS show, Wild Kratts, they educated the 8G audience on the powers of different animals. On the show was a Brumese snake, a lemur and a grey kangaroo. Watch the clip here.

Kongos closed out the show with an exciting performance of their hit, "Come With Me Now." Make sure to watch the four brothers here.

See you tomorrow!

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