Tuesday Recap -- Will Forte, Second Chance Theatre, Michael Symon

In Seth's own words, Tuesday marked a "historic" episode of Late Night that featured a visit from Will Forte, the debut of Second Chance Theatre and Jennjamin Franklin, and a cooking demonstration from chef Michael Symon.

Before getting on with the business at hand, Seth couldn't let another unsettling admission by Donald Sterling - who, this time, mocked Magic Johnson for having HIV - go by unnoticed. He reminded the Los Angeles Clippers owner there's no denying he was being taped that time, then moved on to discussing the robbery of former President James Garfield's tomb, how a T.D. Bank executive is being investigated for spending over $200,000 at a strip club and the 37 mind-blowing reasons why BuzzFeed's president is stepping down. Get caught up on all the news here and here.

In his latest chat with Fred, Seth learned not only something new about the 8G bandleader but also something new about himself - sort of. Turns out, Fred purchased a lava farm in Iceland and christened it the Seth Meyers Lava Farm. There's no volcano on the premises, however, just one nearby. So where does all the farm's lava come from? Watch Fred explain.

L'Oreal has a slogan; G.E. has a slogan; so why don't other things? Seth wondered just that on Tuesday's episode and set out to right that wrong. For compact fluorescent light bulbs, he suggested, "You're going to hate the way you look. I guarantee it." When thinking of brunch, Seth dubbed it "breakfast for alcoholics." How would he better advertise condoms? Click here to find out.

After much lead-up, Second Chance Theatre made its highly anticipated debut, but not before Will Forte chatted with Seth to make the case for his beloved sketch. Calling it "very close to my heart," "brilliant stupid" and noting that not even Einstein himself could think of such a masterpiece, Forte proved how passionate he was about bringing Jennjamin Franklin to life, even ripping Seth apart for past negative comments he's made about the character. Find out what Forte had to say.

Without further ado: Jennjamin Franklin (Will Forte) is the story of a woman who resembles Benjamin Franklin that goes on a blind date with the friend (Jason Sudeikis) of a couple (Vanessa Bayer, Fred Armisen) she knows. With her Boston accent and colonial garb, it's no surprise that she quickly wins over the heart of her gentlemen caller. Watch Jennjamin and Grady's romance unfurl here.

Chef Michael Symon proved there's no act he can't follow by winning over the audience with a cooking demonstration. The co-host of ABC's The Chew, Symon showed off a meatball recipe that can be made in five minutes and enlisted Seth to help by having him roll the meat into balls and stir the tzatziki dipping sauce. Along the way, Symon shared tricks of the trade he teaches the contestants of Food Network's cooking competition program America's Best Cook, on which he serves as a mentor. Learn how to make Symon's lazy meatballs here.

Bravo has Inside the Actor's Studio but Late Night with Seth Meyers has "After Jennjamin." Will Forte, Jason Sudeikis and Fred Armisen discussed their performances, their character inspirations and fielded fan questions during a panel discussion at show's end. Has Forte written a second segment? Was the kiss improvised? How was Sudeikis convinced to do the part? Get the answers to those questions - and more - here.

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