Tuesday Recap - Robert Pattinson, America Ferrera, David Wain

Tuesday's episode of Late Night had viewers rapt with attention as Seth welcomed Robert Pattinson, America Ferrera and David Wain to the show.

Avid sports fan Seth started his monologue by paying tribute to the American World Cup soccer team for its 2-1 defeat of Ghana and noted that an added bonus of the win was the 10% rise in American students who can locate Ghana on a map. In news closer to home, the Republican party released new ads in which a squirrel hands out flyers calling the idea of another Clinton in the White House nuts, Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin threw out the first pitch at a minor league baseball game and a woman found a razor in her salad at Burger King. Check out Seth's take on all of these events.

Sitting in with the 8G band for the episode was Steve Buscemi, who had an incredibly important question to ask of Seth: What does it mean when you give someone the middle finger? A surprised Seth questioned whether Buscemi didn't really know what it meant, but the Boardwalk Empire star admitted he began questioning whether he was using it properly after he made the gesture at a cop. See how the cop reacted.

This past weekend was supposed to be spent with Seth and his wife Alexi going away, but instead, Seth's sudden illness forced the couple to spend the weekend at home watching World Cup matches and reading a book - a dream weekend for the Late Night host actually. Speaking of the World Cup, Seth was at a charity event during the U.S. team's match against Ghana and had to find covert ways to learn the score. Find out how he did it.

In honor of the World Cup, Late Night's latest installment of Winners and Losers focused on the sporting event. Brazil was named a clear winner for being able to host the tournament in a country where its residents' love of soccer is like a religion (and that's saying something considering the country built a giant statue of Jesus). And on the loser side of things? Learn why Landon Donovan took that title.

Robert Pattinson is best known as the swoon-worthy star of The Twilight Saga, but to his sisters, he was no more than the younger brother they wished was a girl. Likewise, Pattinson always yearned for a younger brother, so much so that his sisters pranked him when he was 18 by telling him on April Fool's Day that their mother was pregnant. Though he didn't get his wish, he has gotten a rising Hollywood career, including starring opposite Guy Pearce in new movie The Rover. Hear more from Pattinson on filming in the Australian desert and why he still secretly hopes to one day become a rapper.

As one of the voice actors in How to Train Your Dragon 2, America Ferrera got to work alongside Kit Harington, who she only later realized was one of the lead actors on Game of Thrones. Now, having watched the HBO series, Ferrera admitted to Seth she regrets having missed the opportunity to grill her co-star. Another perk of being in the animated film franchise was premiering the sequel at the Cannes Film Festival, where the actress got to hold hands with Cate Blanchett and stand atop its iconic red carpet stairs. Watch more of Ferrera's interview.

David Wain's appearance on Late Night proved to be the closest he and Seth will ever come to finally following through on their long-standing squash date. But what the pair may be more successful at organizing is a video game get-together. Chatting about their love of gaming, Wain revealed he once flew to L.A. for several days of business meetings and instead spent the entire time playing Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in his friend's apartment. Likewise, Seth shared that he pulls the blinds down to play video games in his home and only when his wife is out of town. See them exchange more stories from Wain's newest film, They Came Together.

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