Tuesday Recap -- Rachel Maddow, Ike Barinholtz

Late Night with Seth Meyers was all-new Tuesday with guests Rachel Maddow and Ike Barinholtz.
Seth opened up the show with his usual monologue, brining us laughs with Dennis Rodman, dogs doing kegstands and nerdy butt cracks. Watch the monologue here.
He then made a plea to Fred Armisen, who is still in Texas, to take a look in the mirror and love him for who he is. Seth also reminded everyone who hasn’t watched True Detective yet that we will be discussing the finale in a year from now (to let people who can’t watch television on time a chance to catch up.)
Seth told a fun story about his adorable mom, who only wanted a discounted Late Night with Seth Meyers t-shirt. Seth’s dad, however, was more concerned why the shirts were already discounted.
As many people know, Justin Bieber was criticized for his immature behavior during his recent deposition. Watch here to see the un-cut version that Late Night was able to dig up.
Since Seth is a big history buff, he discovered that a lot of famous people now had famous ancestors as well. In the segment Famous Ancestors of the Famous, we got a look back to Lenore Dunham, Cyrus Travolta, Hyperia Kotb and Cleopatra Lee Gifford, Lebronicus, Temperance Swift, Virgil McConaughey, Larry King, Sigmund Cowell and Theodore Fieri. Watch it here.
A fan of Late Night e-mailed Seth to see if he could ask a special question to his girlfriend on the show. Watch here to find out who REALLY sent Seth the e-mail.
MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow joined Late Night next. Seth and Rachel find out some common ground between them such as being a fan of the Red Sox and comic books. Watch the entire interview to find out why Rachel keeps covering “Bridge Gate,” current and past events and what kept Rachel and Seth from getting together.
Ike Barinholtz, long time friend of Seth, joined the show next. They chatted about their past in Amsterdam, Ike’s future as a father and Ike’s current endeavors like The Mindy Project. Watch the interview here to find out how Ike is similar to James Bond.
Today, on Seth’s desk was Omaha’s 6-WOWT.

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