Tuesday Recap -- Kristen Wiig, Colin Hanks, Mario Batali

Like many predicted, there was an all new Late Night with Kristen Wiig, Colin Hanks and Mario Batali on Tuesday.

Seth’s monologue poked fun of some easy targets, like FOX’s NAACP flub and a Selena Gomez stalker, but also more obscure topics such as scratch and sniff jeans and a case of the loo nibblers. Watch the whole thing here.

After Seth wished happy birthdays around the horn, he confronted Fred about opening a new restaurant. If you really, really like eating croutons in Penn Station, you’ll be in luck with Crouton Connection. If you’re a normal human, watch the bit here.

Seth told a fun story about how Darnell Autry was the coolest guy on the Northwestern campus when he went there. And how he managed to look about as uncool as you possibly could in front of him. Watch the story here.

Seth brought out his old pal, Dale, to help sidekick his way through the Celebrity Drunk Text segment. While Dale may have some bigger fish to fry, he would really love it if the audience was served some more LOL friggin jokes. Watch here.

In another edition of Bad Men, AMC’s new series to replace the departing Mad Men, Sunkist is pitched. Watch the segment here.

Longtime SNL cast member, Kristen Wiig was the first guest of the night. Since she just released the drama, Hateship Loveship, she unveiled some of her many faces. Watch the remainder of the interview, to see things such as her SNL departing gift, Wiig’s Wigs and what sketch she would like to do if Seth’s Second Chance Theater comes about. And don’t forget ladies, “walk loud and proud and bring your boobs to the clouds with Mic Bra.”

Colin Hanks was here to talk about his upcoming series, Fargo, which is based on the Cohen brother’s movie. He also told an unbelievable story about finding two strangers on Twitter to watch the True Detective finale with. Watch the interview here.

Mario Batali became the first chef on Late Night, and whipped up some spring cocktails and asparagus milanese. Although Fred and Kristen were pretty hasty and picky taste testers, it was fair to say that everybody had fun. Watch the fun here.

See you tomorrow!

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