Tuesday Recap - Dennis Miller, Anna Chlumsky, Bastille

Tuesday's all-new episode of Late Night took a trip down memory lane when Seth was joined by Dennis Miller, Anna Chlumsky and rock band Bastille.

At the top of the show, Seth shared the story of a group of gun rights activists in Texas that carries assault rifles into businesses, earning the condemnation of the NRA... that's right, the NRA. Joked Seth, when the NRA says you've gone too far, it's like Johnny Depp saying you're wearing too many scarves. The host also reported on a man who had to have a ring removed from his penis with bolt cutters and why a Tennessee woman walked down the aisle with her infant attached to the train of her wedding dress. Get the rest of the story and see more from the monologue here.

A special guest joined the 8G band on Tuesday, Larry King. But though he was supposed to play the spoons, the journalist kept getting distracted and wanting to discuss a movie he had recently seen: The Matrix. Find out if King would take the red pill or the blue pill here.

For his summer vacation, Seth is gearing up to take a weeklong hiking trip with his wife, but if you ask him, he's not really looking forward to it. In fact, while going shopping for supplies they'll need on the trip, Seth admitted to the audience he acted like a baby and let his wife know she was in for an uncomfortable day. So how did Alexi handle her husband's lack of interest? Get the full story here.

Seth has a long history of taking umbrage at a vast majority of things - the shampoo lobby, for one - and on Tuesday, he let another one of his targets have it: vitamins. Unfortunately, the segment had to be censored due to Seth's less-than-family-friendly language. Watch his rage here, and just know that he was taking doctors to task for encouraging us to eat chalk.

Nowadays, everyone is familiar with the PlayStation or the Xbox but when Seth was a kid, the console of choice was the Jorbus. The Late Night host admitted that after recently finding the plaything, he's taken to playing the games again. Case in point: New York City Apartment, in which players live in a 300-square-foot abode on the Lower East Side and score points for catching the brown water dripping from the ceiling. See more of Seth's favorite video games here.

Dennis Miller's first act of business when stopping by Late Night was to take a photo of the guest seat he and Vice President Joe Biden had shared, and his second was surveying the landscape 30 years after his own time spent in the building for Saturday Night Live. Miller let Seth in on the advice he'd received from Chevy Chase about being a Weekend Update anchor (and why he chose to disregard it) and how he continues to perform stand-up with fellow SNL alumni Kevin Nealon and Dana Carvey. Hear more stories about Miller's SNL days here and learn about Miller's affinity for his hometown of Pittsburgh here.

Fans of Anna Chlumsky's recent work on Veep have an NYC psychic to thank for her return to acting. After retiring from the business following her My Girl success, Chlumsky was working as an editorial assistant at Harper Collins when a psychic stopped her during a lunch break and told her she wasn't done with Hollywood. Starring on the HBO series has earned the actress an Emmy nomination and praise from D.C. insiders who say the show is closer to life in politics than dramas like The West Wing. Find out which political moment occurred on the show before it happened in real life and - bonus - watch Chlumsky explain why her 10-month-old daughter is Lady Gaga-approved.

British rock band Bastille, comprised of members Dan Smith, Chris Wood, William Farquarson and Kyle Simmons, had the crowd clapping along to its performance of the song "Bad Blood." The group's debut album of the same name has been buoyed by the popularity of singles like "Pompeii." Learn more about the rock band by visiting their official website and give "Bad Blood" a listen here.


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