Tuesday Recap - Anna Paquin, Marc Maron, Elizabeth Karmel

Things got saucy - figuratively and literally - on Tuesday's episode when Anna Paquin and Marc Maron visited Late Night. Plus: a cooking demonstration from Elizabeth Karmel.

There's nothing Seth loves more than a study, and a new one reveled that one in four Americans admits to not exercising at all. As a result, said Seth, one in four Americans is actually two in four Americans. The Late Night host also weighed in on the news that Marvel superhero Thor will now be a woman in the comics. Fans were surprised, said Seth, but not as surprised as Thor. Check out the monologue for more news, including all about the woman who spent $30,000 on surgery to look like Kim Kardashian.

The first installment of FredEx was such a success that Seth is already setting up the second. This time, Fred will be receiving a box filled with weird glasses, a floppy hat and a scarf. Be sure to watch Thursday's episode to see what kind of character Fred comes up with this time.

A new installment of This Week in Numbers produced some interesting stats. Case in point, the number of calories in a 4 oz. cup of frozen yogurt is 140, but when you add on all of the toppings, what does the number become? 3,000. Check out more examples in the segment.

Anna Paquin loves to engage with her fans on Twitter, but it's not always the most positive experience, such as when she got flack for sharing a photo of her 1993 Best Supporting Actress Oscar looking tarnished or when a user asked if she actually has sex on True Blood. Replied Paquin, "That's a) creepy and b) that would be porn." The star also chatted about portraying a younger version of herself on the most recent season of the HBO show, specifically getting back into her costume from before she had twins. See what she had to say.

Marc Maron is known for his lovable crank personality, and it was on full display when he nearly tripped making his way to his seat on Late Night. Admitted Maron, it's pretty common to see him get into arguments with inanimate objects or even his cat. The comedian, and star of his own self-titled IFC series, said he came home the other day to find his cat defecating on his carpet, and the cat stared straight at him as it did so. Find out how Maron handled it.

Elizabeth Karmel - aka Grill Girl - is the executive chef of Hill Country Barbecue Market and Hill Country Chicken in New York. Specializing in Southern food and barbecue, she taught Seth how to make butterfly barbecue chicken on Tuesday's show, revealing that cast iron is the secret to good Southern cooking. Was Seth able to follow along? Watch and see.

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