Tuesday Recap - Andy Cohen, The Kratt Brothers, Jeff Koons

Andy Cohen brought the laughs; the Kratt Brothers brought baby animals, and Jeff Koons shared insights into his artwork on Tuesday's episode of Late Night.

Summertime is in full swing in New York, which means tourists are flocking in record numbers to check out the city's greatest attraction (according to Seth): the top of the escalator. In tech news, it is rumored that the new iPhone will feature an all-glass exterior. Quipped Seth, "Because why should just the front [of the phone] be cracked?" Get the latest news, including the link between Twitter usage and infidelity, in the monologue.

Sharing more stories from his hiking trip, Seth showed the audience a photo of his brother Josh dressed "the most French" in a meadow and a video his wife took of how Seth and Josh attempted to keep their cool while watching the Holland-Mexico World Cup game in a quaint Swiss town. Fun Fact: The Swiss don't get as excited about sports as Americans do.

Fred's return to Late Night proved short-lived, so on Tuesday, Seth introduced a new way for the 8G bandleader to keep in touch: FredEx. Via this system, Seth will send Fred a FedEx box filled with parts of a costume and a sealed envelope containing a question. In response, Fred will film himself answering the question dressed in character. Confused? Let Seth explain.

To build an office in Rockefeller Center, NBC promised to set aside a five-minute block of broadcast time for New Yorkers to air their grievances. On Tuesday's episode, Seth honored that age-old tradition when he let an MTA employee, an NYC landlord and a man who dresses as Iron Man in Times Square unload what they had to say.

Andy Cohen is the handsome host of his own talk show, Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, but that's not all he has in common with Seth: turns out, Seth's current office in 30 Rock used to be Cohen's old office. Since moving out, Cohen is now relegated to his "Tic Tac-sized" studio for WWHL, which will soon celebrate its five-year anniversary. How is Cohen marking the occasion? With dolls of his likeness covered in gold glitter.

Animal handlers Martin and Chris Kratt returned to Late Night on Tuesday, this time armed with baby animals. Seth got a crash course in playing dead from a possum and saw firsthand how teeny a six-month-old alligator can be. But which animal drew the biggest applause of the night? A baby black bear that can't get enough applesauce. Watch it in action.

With New York's Whitney Museum of American Art exhibiting a retrospective of his career, artist Jeff Koons chatted with Seth about his pieces, saying that at age 59 it felt like a good time to reflect on what he's accomplished thus far. Speaking about the Split-Rocker, a towering floral sculpture currently on display in Rockefeller Center, Koons revealed that 50,000 flowers went into its creation. He also dished on working with Michael Jackson and his famed chimp, Bubbles. Find out which one was easier to meet.

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