Thursday - Taylor Swift, Boy George, Derek Waters

Before Seth heads to the Emmys, he chatted with Taylor Swift, Boy George and Derek Waters on Thursday's episode of Late Night.

Seth's monologue came with some real estate news, namely that Spanx creator Sara Blakely is selling her New York apartment for $30 million. Though the price sounds steep, Seth reminded the audience that the apartment is bigger than it looks. Get his thoughts on the new Aquaman movie and more in the monologue.

With a little more than a week to go until the Emmy Awards, Seth wanted to address one of his pet peeves: people wary of spoilers. Knowing that something he says during the awards show will probably spoil something for someone, Seth threw down the gauntlet and said, in particular, viewers can't call spoilers on a show they haven't even started watching yet. Hear more.

The newest installment of FredEx saw Fred outfit himself in a neck brace, a blonde wig and shades. What character did he invent? Your best friend, the one who asks that you have no other friends and whose idea of a perfect date is one that lasts for three days. Watch the full FredEx.

Seth needed some me time at the end of this week so with the help of his writers, he took some time to look at himself in a mirror and repeat some affirmations. Example: My body is healthy, my mind is brilliant, my soul is tranquil and my hands are soft because I have an unimportant job. See more affirmations.

Taylor Swift is a noted singer/songwriter, but on Thursday, she chatted about her experience as an actress, specifically starring in The Giver. Said Swift, she took on the role because she read the book as a kid and found that depending on what your priorities are, the reader takes something different away from it. Hear what else Swift had to say, including how she surprised a fan at her bridal shower.

Culture Club lead singer Boy George joined Seth to dish on the band's new reunion tour and upcoming album. Discussing the band's heyday, Boy George said he looked to David Bowie as an influence and also addressed rumors about some of the group's crazier exploits. Find out what he said really happened.

Drunk History creator Derek Waters revealed that fans of the show have New Girl's Jake Johnson to thank for its inception. Waters said he got the idea after listening to an inebriated Johnson insist that Otis Redding knew about his fatal plane crash in advance. Learn more about how the comedian turned it into a TV show.

There's no telling what happens on the Late Night set after Seth leaves, but on Thursday, the host got a taste when he bumped into himself onstage. Making things even weirder, another Seth appeared from the future bearing an important gift. Find out what.

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