Thursday Recap -- Whoopi Goldberg, Judd Apatow, John Mulaney

Late Night closed out its week with the legendary Whoopi Goldberg, movie mogul Judd Apatow and the very funny John Mulaney.

Seth took a bold swing with this show and started things off with a monologue. Highlights included Queen Elizabeth and Pope Francis meeting to talk shop on hates and waving, George W. Bush unveiling 24 portraits of world leaders he's painted, and Wally, the cue card guy, expressing his feelings through his cards. Watch the whole monologue to find out not IF LaGuardia made a top ten list of worst airports, but how many times.

Backstage, Fred couldn't help but brag to Judd Apatow about being cast as a new voice for an animated kids project. He claimed that he'll be playing the swimming instructor for the characters in the movie, just so the audience knows that the characters can swim. Watch here to see if you can notice the subtle difference in resonance in his character voice.

Seth took a moment to pay some respect to David Letterman in light of his 2015 retirement announcement. Seth talked about his childhood memories of Letterman, as well as his time on the Late Show. Watch here to find out why Seth will never take Letterman's suggestion of calling his show The Tomorrow Show.

The great Whoopi Goldberg was next and expressed a surprising amount of love for Fred. A shade below uncomfortable even. In fairness, she presented Seth with a little stuffed duck, since Seth is a new little duckling. Whoopi talked about being a great-grandmother and showed a clip from her upcoming Lifetime movie, A Day Late and a Dollar Short. She also explained how she snuck her way into the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie and discussed a new web series she has called Rolling with Whoopi. Watch the entire interview, which includes something we can all get behind, an anti-people-recording-things-with-their-phones-at-live-shows rant.

The ever-powerful Judd Apatow was up next and surprised Seth with the news that he'll be replacing Letterman. Unfortunately, I don't think even Judd is capable of making that happen. Judd, being a self-proclaimed comedy nerd, pressed Seth on why he was never hired at SNL in his time there. Before talking about the 700+ new jokes on the Blu-ray edition of Anchorman 2, Judd confessed that all of his YouTubing somehow resulted in landing on the Kim Kardashian sex tape. Watch the interview, which includes a supercut of improvised Ron Burgandy catchphrases as well as the mention of a project he has coming out about interviewing comedians over the years.

Seth's old friend, John Mulaney, visited next and was already feeling some post-traumatic stress from being back in the Rockefeller halls. The audience not only got an inside look at how he and Bill Hader created Weekend Update fan favorite, Stefon, but was treated to a clip as well. When we came back from commercial, Mulaney told a great story about how he and his fiancée had a nightmare visit to a farm when testing out wedding venues. Watch here for all the fun details.

Late Night will be back with all new episodes Monday!

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