Thursday Recap -- Tilda Swinton, Warren Buffett, Dan Gilbert, Carrie Brownstein, Lo-Fang

Seth Meyers hosted Tilda Swinton, Warren Buffett, Dan Gilbert, Carrie Brownstein and Lo-Fang on an all new Late Night this Thursday.
Seth’s monologue started off the show with a tweeting Pope, a Miley Cyrus tongue slide and a search for a missing penis. Watch the whole monologue here.
Fred’s back! And so are his lies. In addition to spending 24 hours on Portlandia and Late Night, Fred wants to open a bank. A confetti bank. You know, where you would deposit confetti, borrow confetti, earn confetti, etc. Make sure to catch the segment.
Seth’s mom may have broken her shoulder, but it may have caused him to recognize a trend. If you watch the show on pain killers, it’s bound to be hilarious. So if the monologue doesn’t hit you right away, go for the PKs (as long as they’re prescribed, of course.)
In an all-new Late Night segment, “How They Reported It,” we got to see how various news outlets cover the same story. Watch the segment to see how FOX, the NY Post and even Tigerbeat handle the Ukraine headline.
Warren Buffet and Dan Gilbert came on to talk about their extreme wealth, and billion-dollar perfect bracket challenge. Watch the interview to find out the odds of winning, which happen to be the same as LeBron returning to Cleveland, the NBA team that Gilbert owns.
The lovely Tilda Swinton was next, and talked about her upcoming Jim Jarmusch vampire film as well as The Grand Budapest Hotel. Watch the entire interview to see why she gave her Oscar away.
Carrie Brownstein, the co-creator and star of Portlandia with Fred Armisen, was next on the show. Fred graciously joined her at Seth’s desk, and they talked about their earnest characters, why they’re obsessed with the ways couples interact and the requirements of getting on their show. Watch here.

Lo-Fang ended the night with "When We're Fire."
Watch the entire episode for all this, and more!

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