Thursday Recap -- Lena Dunham, Anthony Mackie, John Mayer Trio

Thursday was a very special night, as Seth had Lena Dunham, Anthony Mackie and a performance from John Mayer Trio.

Seth's monologue highlighted masturbating teachers, Star Wars casting news and the all-new, even more terrifying Pelicans mascot. Watch it in its entirety.

Fred shared a story about a recently attempted citizen's arrest. It did not go as planned. Seth then shared a story with the audience about his father's love for Brad Paisley.

Make sure to check out the segment This Week in Numbers, where the statistics do the talking. Tonight, Seth explored the numbers behind Obamacare, Matthew McConaughey, House of Cards and Brian Williams' social security number.

In the segment How to Do NYC for $40 a Day, Steven Strand taught us an unconventional approach to a cheap day in the city.

Lena Dunham chatted with Seth about her TV series Girls, a stressful trip to the airport and her obsession with SNL growing up. Make sure to check out the full interview, as well as tune in when Lena host SNL next Saturday, March 8th.

Anthony Mackie always makes for an entertaining guest. Watch the full interview to hear about his adoration for Lena Dunham, his fear of stunts and what makes him similar to "the white dude getting beat up."

John Mayer Trio closed out the night with a blues-rock version of "After Midnight."

Check out the full episode for much more!

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