Thursday Recap - Keri Russell, Sean Casey & Kevin Millar, Michelle Wolf

There was not a single dull moment on Thursday's episode of Late Night when Keri Russell, Kevin Millar and Sean Casey stopped by plus Late Night's own Michelle Wolf performed stand-up.

The biggest news of the day was the Emmy nominations announced that morning, with Game of Thrones leading all shows after scoring 19 nods. The HBO drama was honored in the best drama, best costume and worst job security categories, joked Seth. In World Cup news, Brazilian fans are blaming Mick Jagger, who attended the semifinal match against Germany, for the team's elimination. Though Seth believes it's actually who didn't show up to the match - namely, the Brazilian team itself - that's more to blame. Plus: Get Seth's advice for deciding between rooting for Argentina or Germany in the monologue.

As anyone who watched Late Night on Wednesday knows, Holland's loss was a deeply upsetting blow for Seth. In fact, it was so upsetting that a Late Night writer pointed out to Seth he actually went through the Five Stages of Grief on-air. From Denial (in which Seth considered whether it might be April Fool's) to Depression (his repeatedly saying "it's such a bummer"), see Seth work through his emotions.

The biggest mystery in sports right now is which team LeBron James, who opted out of his contract with the Miami Heat, will sign with this summer. Well, wonder no more NBA fans: the Late Night team's recruitment video is sure to make his decision. Contrary to what you might think, there's plenty a late night talk show can offer James that a professional basketball team cannot, like 3-4 feet of desk space and almost unlimited access to electrical outlets. Watch the video.

Earlier in the week, Seth explained the concept of FredEx, in which Seth ships Fred a box filled with pieces of a costume and a sealed envelope with a question inside of it. When Fred receives the package, he is to put on the costume, create a character and answer the question in character. Thursday's episode delivered the first installment of FredEx, in which Fred dressed as a Peruvian musician (complete with corncob pipe) and revealed his thoughts on the cause of global warming. Check it out.

It all comes back to Felicity for Keri Russell, who decided to star in her latest film, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, because Felicity co-creator Matt Reeves directed it. But as happy as she was to be working with him again, Russell's time on set was exactly as she imagined. For one scene, the actress thought she'd be lucky enough to film with a baby ape and was heartbroken to learn the ape was going to be digitally added in later. Hear Russell describe what it was like to shoot Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, including working with Andy Serkis.

Kevin Millar and Sean Casey returned to Late Night on Thursday, armed with more hilarious stories than ever. The former Boston Red Sox players shared their respective tales of what it was like to throw out ceremonial first pitches. While Casey did so after retiring, and looked less like a professional athlete than one would expect, Millar was called upon to do the honors while still in uniform for a competing team. Listen to how the Red Sox were able to get him to throw a first pitch during playoffs when he was a Baltimore Oriole.

Late Night writer Michelle Wolf stepped out from behind her Grown Up Annie get-up to perform stand-up on Thursday's show. Prior to working at Late Night, Wolf admitted she'd gotten fired from her last job for stopping working. But when she was called into HR, Wolf shot back at the representative, "I stopped working for nine months, so it seems like two of us haven't been doing our jobs." Elsewhere in her set, Wolf weighed in on America's obesity crisis, namely that Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes should be renamed "not your fault" diabetes and "mostly your fault" diabetes. Watch her in action.

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