Thursday Recap - Hugh Jackman, Kevin Nealon, Ali Wong

The long weekend came early to Thursday's episode of Late Night, where guests Hugh Jackman, Kevin Nealon and Ali Wong let loose.

With Memorial Day drawing near that means Fleet Week is coming to an end, and so is the window for all the gullible ladies out there to sleep with an ice cream man they mistook for a sailor. In other news, protestors remained steadfast in their demand for higher wages outside of McDonald's (and yes, they'd like fries with that); scientists are attaching censors to sharks to detect hurricane intensity; and Google's driverless cars have driven 700,000 miles without being pulled over. Click here to see what Seth envisions being pulled over by a cop would look like for a driverless car and check out more of the monologue here.

It's been a busy week for Fred, but the funnyman still managed to surprise Seth with Thursday's reveal: that he saved someone's life. While attending a museum bash where everyone was drinking champagne and the lights were getting dim, Fred immediately ordered all the attendees outside for their safety. When only one person listened, he tasked himself with ensuring her safety. Get the fully story from Fred here.

There's more than one member of the Meyers family who is a fan of Hugh Jackman. Seth shared the story of how one of his first sketches at Saturday Night Live costarred the actor, and to commemorate the occasion, his mother framed and hung a photo of Seth and Jackman from the episode. Though she promised she would update the photo as Seth landed more sketches on the air, surprisingly, the photo of Jackman never came down. 

Speaking of his mother, Mrs. Meyers' appearance on the show has yet to stop being entertaining, and the host continued to rib her about choosing to heil Hitler while showing off the mobility in her shoulder post-injury. What did Seth's mom say in her defense? Find out here.

Thursday's audience was filled with a number of distinguished guests, including Colin Berthune, the inventor of the toaster; Max Doorly, the worst Queen Elizabeth impersonator in all of mankind; and William Wallace the Walrus. See who else was sitting pretty in Studio 8G here.

Actor, singer, comedian? Hugh Jackman admitted it was an odd choice for him to host the Oscars, but thankfully, he was able to improve his own comedic abilities with a little help from Seth himself. The Late Night host wrote jokes for the X-Men: Days of Future Past star, two of which Jackman claimed were his only laughs. Filming X-Men, on the other hand, was anything but funny business, especially considering the competitive atmosphere co-star Jennifer Lawrence created with her punching game. See Hugh show off his punching style on Seth and reveal more anecdotes about playing Wolverine.

Kevin Nealon made a memorable visit to Late Night when he admitted he was stoned early on in the interview while trading stories with Seth about filming his new film, Blended, in South Africa. The actor, who has made 12 films with Adam Sandler, said he often finds his roles opposite Sandler to be his most embarrassing, but he keeps coming back. Nealon also remarked on his penchant for not pronouncing "H"s. Watch him try and pronounce Hugh Jackman and check out more from his interview.

Stand-up comedian Ali Wong started off her set with the happy news that she and her boyfriend of five years had gotten engaged. The unhappy news? All the badgering it took on her end to get him to propose. But the wait was well worth it for Wong, whose fiancé is a graduate of Harvard Business School. She's looking forward to when she no longer has to work and instead of "leaning in" can lie down. See more from Wong below, including her thoughts on a gluten-free diet and why Asian women live longer than others. Read more about the actress/comedian on her official website.

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