Thursday Recap - Ethan Hawke, Megyn Kelly, Paula Pell

It was a wild night on Late Night Thursday when Seth welcomed Ethan Hawke, Megyn Kelly and Paula Pell.

Seth began the monologue with news that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg recently said despite her age, she does not plan on retiring anytime soon. After which, she was immediately traded to the New York Knicks, quipped Seth. The host also explained why he missed the premiere of Sharknado 2 and how much money Kim Kardashian Hollywood makes in a day. Watch the monologue to find out.

The weekend is fast approaching, and Seth shared he's looking forward to spending it with both his family and his wife's family. Luckily, the two sides get along well, but the first weekend they spent together didn't go as hoped for Seth. Why? Because everyone expected Seth to propose. Hear how the weekend unfolded.

The newest installment of FredEx had Fred putting on a spotted hat, a pair of silvery glasses and a matching pair of dangling earrings. What character did that help him embody? Your mom. Really. See Fred answer the question "Cats or dogs?" in character.

With another week of Late Night drawing to a close, a new edition of This Week in Numbers recapped the days gone by. Case in point, 2 million is the total number of strikeouts recorded in Major League Baseball as of Tuesday. Two million is also the number of strikeouts recorded at Comic-Con. Get more stats.

Ethan Hawke stopped by to chat about his new movie, Boyhood, which took 12 years to make. The film was shot for a few days each year to show its child actors grow up, while Hawke and costar Patricia Arquette joked that it showed them age. Having starred in several significant films over his career, Hawke shared that he can figure out which film fans identify with based on how they look. For example, studious guys want to discuss Gattaca, while Training Day fans want to punch him. See what else Hawke had to say.

Megyn Kelly, the anchor of FOX News Channel's The Kelly File, met Seth at the TIME 100 party earlier this year and both bonded over their love of Game of Thrones. But there's a caveat for Kelly, who loves Game of Thrones but hates violence. The journalist will only watch the show through her fingers. Recently, Kelly was faced with grilling former Vice President Dick Cheney on her show about his op-ed against President Obama. Find out what Cheney was like in person.

Paula Pell has been a writer on Saturday Night Live since 1995, where she helped write the Cheerleaders, Debbie Downer and Omeletteville sketches. During her visit to Late Night, she and Seth reminisced about going home delirious on Wednesday mornings after being up all night on writing night Tuesdays. Pell shared a story about the time she tried to grab a quick breakfast from Cafe Lalo before returning to work only to find her cat had gotten out of its carrier and was walking among the restaurant's displayed desserts. Hear how she handled it.

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